Evening rush hour on the T picks up where it left off in the morning

Death pointed a bony finger at an inbound Red Line train at Charles/MGH shortly before 4 p.m. A trolley on the C Line departed this mortal coil before it could get to Cleveland Circle.



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Broken door

I was on the train right behind the one at MGH - it had a broken door. And while I was annoyed that we were stuck in the tunnel awhile, our conductor made announcements every minute telling us why we were delayed and what was happening (broken door...moving people out of the car...inspector on board...). As much as these daily T breakdowns are crushing my soul, credit where due at least with keeping us informed!


Performance art

I really want to start riding the T in the morning dressed as the Grim Reaper. Whenever the train I'm riding on dies, I'll cackle hysterically and sing "Another One Bites The Dust."

I don't have cable, so I have to make my own fun.



Are you serious?? How old are you? I'm a fit middle age due to years of giving up and walking. The T can get a *lot* worse before it meets the median awful of my experience. Any efficiency that you have seen is a complete anomaly.

Frankly, MatthewC...

I don't believe that the T ever was efficient, or that management ever did care. They probably always did drive to work, for one thing. The only difference now is that we're paying even more for MBTA services that're getting worse and worse, not better. This is especially true of the Green Line.