Everybody warned teen not to jump off Carson Beach pier

So, naturally, he jumped off the pier. The Globe reports it did not end well.



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    Then they ran down a rocky slope, pulled him out of the water, and administered CPR, witnesses said.
    “I could see him moving, but he said he couldn’t feel his legs,” Stowers said.

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    I really hope they weren't performing CPR on a conscious victim.

    They weren't

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    I don't know who the idiot was who said they were administrating cpr, maybe it was the ignorant woman recording the whole thing, but I heard the whole story from my friend who was working on the scene and trust me, she wasn't giving cpr. She did exactly what she should have been doing and kept the victim awake and talking until EMS arrived.


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    Not only did everyone tell him not to jump, but signs are posted on the pier warning "no diving, no swimming".

    Because other people at the

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    Because other people at the scene WARNED HIM NOT TO JUMP. Reading comprehension is your friend.

    what would the manual for

    what would the manual for uniform traffic control devices (MUTCD) published by the federal highway administration have to do with a pier?

    The woman on he phone was

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    The woman on he phone was visiting from South Carolina, not the victim. We don't know anything about him yet.

    Not a southerner

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    Unless "South Boston" counts as "southern". They guy is a local idiot.

    I'll comment...

    .. since of course I've never done anything really stupid. I especially never did anything stupid when I was 20....

    Thank god...

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    ...other people were around to help him. The article made is seem like his lone friends had no idea he was injured.

    Hope he is ok.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie

    He hit his head?

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    a) No harm done then.
    b) At least he landed on something soft.
    c) That's okay, he wasn't using it anyways.
    d) "He does this all the time", does he? Well, that explains a lot.