Exotic new cuisine comes to Roslindale


Now that Roslindalians have had some time to familiarize themeselves with the moi moi and other Nigerian delicacies at Suya Joint, what's the next hot thing for their sophisticated palates?

With new owners, Romano's, at the corner of Corinth and Washington, has expanded from two cuisines (Mexican and Italian) to three, with the addition of French Canadian poutine.

God only knows what inspired them to add the French fries, gravy and curds dish to their weekend menu, but if you're hankering for poutine just like maman used to make, you no longer have to drive five hours to Montreal.

If you can't make it on the weekends, don't worry: They promise they can cook you up an order if you give them 25 minutes advance notice.



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Yes, that does look very enigmatic on the menu.

By the way, I believe the polite term is "Québecois", not "French Canadian", which has been deprecated.

Québecois ou French Canadian?

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There is a huge debate in Quebec right now about identity, language and religious symbols. I will ask my Montreal friends what they think of the Québec vs. French Canadian distinction, and who it covers. Many of the sovereigntist/separatist supporters in Quebec are unhappy with the mix of cultures and cuisines listed on the menu board.

Poutine is a pile of glue and cholesterol, truly the last thing you want to order, whether you are north or south of the 49th parallel. Montreal has great restaurants, you can get game - rabbit, for example - but avoid this stuff, no matter how drunk you are.

I've visited Montreal a few

I've visited Montreal a few times over the past year and have sort of taken an interest in Quebec politics in the process - their government makes Boston/Mass. government look like a ruthlessly efficient machine.

Poutine is actually sold....

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...in Canada from A&W, KFC, and even McDonalds (go figure)

Just one bite, and you'll want to be your own country and prohibit religious symbols in your workplace.

and by the way.....Canadians call them Quebecois, Francophones (or Francophonys), Frogs, Pepsi's, and VERY ANNOYING!!

(From your very good friend here in Alberta! -- Go Flames (or down in them)!

They do, and it's heavenly.

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They do, and it's heavenly. If you go on a weekend, you need to get there just as they open at 11:00 or you will be waiting a LONG time. (I've done that wait before - absolutely worth it!)


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Prolly more overpriced, medicore food that is typical of Rozzie Square.

I wouldn't eat at Suya Joint if you paid me.

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In fact, i don't think iv ever seen anyone in the joint! As for Romano's, that place changes hands every 5 years or so. And every time it does, it never yields a "GREAT" place.

No i have not

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My rational is that no one is ever in the place, which means they have a low turnover on product. Which means their food probably isn't that fresh.