Family, friends search for missing Brookline teen

Caleb Jacoby

UPDATE, Thursday: Found safe.

Caleb Jacoby, 16, an 11th grader at the Maimonides School, has not been seen or heard from since 12:30 p.m. yesterday.

He's 5'11" and 140 lbs., and was last seen wearing navy chinos, a navy polo shirt, a brown winter jacket with a hood, white socks and brown sneakers or shoes.

Police urge anybody with information about his whereabouts to contact them, at 617-730-2222.

Jacoby is the son of Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby.



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    I'm not sure what you're

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    I'm not sure what you're trying to imply, but if you have more information about the missing teen, please contact the authorities.

    follow the link

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    In the article there is this:

    Police said in a statement that they are not releasing any more information at this time, but that they do not suspect foul play.

    So, using her secret decoder skills, Swirly begins... to read...

    And that's how she knows.

    Reading comprehension is your

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    Reading comprehension is your friend. Maybe you need another cup of coffee, Kelly. It's not about swrrly, it's about a missing child.

    Wishing the teen a safe return.

    It doesn't say "missing-endangered"

    One can conclude from that alone that there is no evidence of foul play, and he isn't special needs person likely to be oblivious to hazards, like the gentleman who keeps riding the trains or an elder with dementia. Also, no massive hunt like there was in Conway, NH when that girl disappeared after school last fall.

    Note that the press release says as much - no suspicion of foul play.

    I'm implying nothing other than the flyers themselves do - he's missing, but there is no evidence of kidnapping and he's a normal kid.

    Caleb Jacoby

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    May HaShem protect and keep Caleb.
    Shoshana giving this a miss?

    Am I alone in thinking it strange that doesn't have a single mention of this anywhere on their homepage, at least as of 5:55pm? I realise there's probably some editorial decision at play that keeps them from making it the top story, but you'd think they could squeeze it in somewhere next to the tips for slimming down in 2014 and something about an Old Spice commercial.

    Here's how that conversation

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    Here's how that conversation in the newsroom goes:

    "Should we post something about it?"

    "I don't know. Do we post something about every missing kid?"


    "But he's our friend and we love him and this is something we could do that would help."

    "Do we really want to behave as though some 16-year-olds are more important than others because we know their fathers?"

    "No. Let's let this develop and re-evaluate if the situation changes."

    missing teen

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    Well, I'd say that an ordinarily sensible and serious teen who would never wander, if he went missing, would be something to be concerned about. Kids from dysfunctional homes who are runaways tend to get ignored, but a young scholar from a respected family, gone missing, actually is news. I guess we'll just have to have faith that area police are on the case.

    As for the Globe, word has it that Jeff Jacoby is not beloved as a friend and is treated like a pariah @ the Globe for his political views. I hope that the staff there will come together to actually care about him as a father who is anxious and terrified for the safety of his child.

    It was barely over 24 hours

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    I'm guessing that it would be unusual for the Globe to put out a story this early after the disappearance of a teen unless foul play was suspected. To jump to conclusions that this has something to do with the Globe staff's personal feelings about Jacoby is pretty nasty, IMO. I can't stand Jeff Jacoby but my reaction to this was the same as anyone's who's ever been a parent or worried about a teenager. It's frightening and scary and must be agonizing for the family--everyone is praying that this kid turns up safe and sound. Do you really think there's anyone gleefully rubbing their hands over this or purposely trying to downplay the story?

    I agree, Sally. My initial

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    I agree, Sally. My initial thought was that the boy's parents requested that nothing be published, at least not yet. I didn't see anything in the Herald, though maybe there is something at this time. If not, I'd guess that local media are respecting the (possible) requests of family and police to keep it out of the news just yet, while they follow any leads.

    Message from Jacoby

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    As for me, I started getting messages from people on Twitter about this early yesterday afternoon. They all seemed to be identical (a link to a photo with a short message that he was missing), so I wanted to double check first, just in case. Called Brookline Police, got somebody who said, yes, he was missing and that people with information should contact them.

    I can't stand Jacoby either

    and despite your saying that Jacoby is not well liked at the Globe (he isn't), I'm sure there isn't a person over there who is not praying for the safe return of his boy, as I am.

    Not to hijack this thread,

    Not to hijack this thread, but if Jacoby is so disliked at the Globe, why TF don't they fire him and hire a conservative writer who isn't an idiot?

    You just hijacked the thread,

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    You just hijacked the thread, Scratchie.
    Mr. Jacoby has as much right to pose his viewpoint as any other op-ed writer. That's why he plays a valid role @ the Globe.
    Now, let us continue to hope that his young son returns safely home. This is every parent's nightmare; and I pray for the best outcome for Caleb and his family.

    I wasn't in any way implying

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    I wasn't in any way implying that Jacoby's social status at the Globe had anything at all to do with the story being covered or not. Only that someone created a mock scenario in which Globe staffers refer to him as a "beloved friend" and that clearly is not the atmosphere at the Globe. My point is that under the present circumstances, however, that they should and (most surely) would come together to offer support for Jacoby and his family during this horrible time.
    My apologies if my awkward wording seemed to indicate otherwise.

    Consider This

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    It is entirely possibly that the family didn't want the Globe to showcase it. I have seen it picked up regionally, in the Berkshire Eagle and the NY papers.

    Lets hope that he has been granted suitable paid leave to deal with it.

    I don't see anyone saying

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    I don't see anyone saying that. But yes, anyone who would think it, would be a sadly cynical person indeed.

    Family dynamics

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    Unless one is a member of the family, or perhaps a very close friend, one doesn't know the true situation. Not every young person gets along with his/her parents.

    I say that as someone who "ran away from home" a couple of times when I was around 16. In my case I went to stay at a friend's house. That was some decades ago, and I seem to have turned out okay as an adult. But I did go to a college that was far, far away from my home; I never moved back to my home state, and didn't really reconcile with my parents later.

    It's pure speculation on my part, but this may be what is happening here. Look back at the statement that the police are not releasing more information at this time, but they do not suspect foul play.

    In this case, you have a father who is a fairly public figure, who is known for often making controversial statements. And the father has publicly commented on his relationship with his son, on more than one occasion. Without knowing anything more than that about the parties in this case, I can easily envision situations where the son would want more breathing room.

    That said, I certainly hope the young man is safe.

    Those are good insights and

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    Those are good insights and quite possibly not far from what is happening here. I had wondered whether perhaps the boy had had an argument or some sort of stressful exchange with his parents, and was seeking some space and "cool down" time. And that is another good reason why this would be kept out of the mass media -- if it is indeed a family affair. At sixteen, Caleb is on the cusp of manhood and, recalling my own teen years, it's a stressful time.

    Whatever the situation, I hope that it is resolved soon and Caleb returns safely home.

    Sorry to hear that about your relations with your family, anon.

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    Glad you recovered and turned out okay, however. Not all people in that situation do, howeve, which is unfortunate, because, often enough, friends outside the family come and go, while family members, both parents and sibllngs alike, can be lifelong friends, who'll stick with an offpsring or sibling through the thick and the thin.

    Just read that on your

    Just read that on your Facebook feed. Let's hope that this is just some crazy, misguided attempt at rebellion and that he'll check in very soon. His family must be worried sick.

    There must also be more to this story than what's being reported. Is he traveling with enough cash to get around for a couple of days? Do his cellphone/internet records indicate that he's going to meet someone? Did he say anything to his friends? Of course, we're not going to find this out, and that's fine. Just hope that those obvious sources are yielding helpful information.


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    Brookline PD is reporting him found safe and sound.