Fans of rib-shaped meat product will have to travel out of region this year

McDonald's of Eastern New England tweeted today:

The McRib will not be available in the Boston area this year. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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      Where else can I get a rib sandwich that reminds me of the days of eating in my high school's cafeteria? (My HS had an IDENTICAL rib sandwich to the McRib..)

      Let me guess.

      You're a hipster vegetarian who's never had meat in his life thinking he's being funny by suggesting that these two things taste the same because, while you yourself have tasted neither, the patties look similar.

      LOL Not even close

      LOLOL Not even close.. actually the exact opposite.

      I actually LIKE the McRib, as I said, it reminds me of high school cafeteria 'rib subs' day. Totally junk food, totally not good for you, totally a good fit for McDonald's, and totally yummo.

      As I often say, some foods, its not about GOOD quality food, its more of an experience of that particular place. Like for example, you do not go to McDonald's for a excellent burger, you go to McDonald's because its McDonald's. OR you don't go to Pizza Hut because you're looking for a high quality pizza, you're going to Pizza Hut because its Pizza Hut and will always taste like "pizza hut" no matter what.

      Same with the McRib, you aren't eating it because you're looking for a high quality rib sandwich, you're eating it because its total crap and (might) taste good.


      Do you really think they don

      Do you really think they don't taste the same? Do you really intend to defend the McRib as some form of culinary excellence? It's a restructured pork sandwich and you get offended at the comparison to the near-identical knock-offs sold at public school cafeterias. Let me guess, you think the new McD coffee (Newman's own) is "too strong" like that "burnt Starbucks crap" and the new style McNuggets are ruining America because they actually taste like there's a little chicken meat in addition to the gristle now.