Fare: 10 cents

Old trolley now boarding

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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      Hmm, Centre Street JP. OMG - IS THE E LINE COMING BACK?!


      I agree, Type 4 on the

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      I agree, Type 4 on the Jamaica-Dudley line (today's Route 41 bus) at the Dudley west loop

      Contextual clues

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      Read the signs. This is the Prepayment Station stop.

      Look at the train and the station and what color they are. It's an old stop on the Blue line.

      The photo is from May 2, 1920. You'll have to figure out which context clue I used for that one on your own.



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      Colors were not used until 1964 with the formation of the MBTA.

      I believe the predecessors used numbers instead of colors.

      I'm inclined to say this is Dudley also, or Pleasant Street (incline)


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      I don't get the reference..

      Edit: I had to look who he was.. still kinda don't get the reference. but okay.. something about a destroyer.

      Dialogue is key

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      In the movie, one of the funniest lines is where I queued the YouTube link:

      Rocket (the anthropomorphic raccoon) speaking about Drax: "His people are completely literal. Metaphors go over his head."
      Drax the Destroyer: "NOTHING goes over my head! My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it."

      I said it was the blue line because the picture is desaturated to a total blue color, not because I actually think the train is part of the blue line. But I'm sure it didn't go over your head. Your reflexes are too fast, you would catch it.


      Not Boylston

      Boylston was underground. This is clearly an elevated (note sunbeam above train).

      It Appears To Be A Modal Transfer Station ...

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      … note that the prepayment entrance gate is for passengers who have disembarked from the trolly and are heading into the station, presumably to board some other transit vehicle which could be either elevated or underground.


      Look behind the trolley

      It looks almost like North Station. It is kind of familiar - like when you had to go upstairs to get from a C or D line and get on an E to Lechmere.

      This could be where the viaduct ended and people had to go down into the subway?

      I'm probably totally wrong

      but I'm gonna guess Lechmere, 1917-1918. The station arrangement reminds me vaguely of the inbound platform at Lechmere, and the "Give Blood" sign was probably for the war effort.


      How about a map to help us?

      Curves coming into stations - this was the system map in the 1920s:

      I wonder if it was Battery St., Dover, Sullivan Square or Rowes Wharf? Possibly the end of the Cambridge Viaduct at North Station, before it went underground. It looks to be above ground (on the elevated) given the light above the tracks.

      Also note the war appeal sign (probably money and stuff, not blood) - 1918 is possible.


      Nice links!

      Such awesomeness - but doesn't seem to match the photo (unless it is the indoor line).

      Swirls , the first photo was

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      Swirls , the first photo was to illustrate the Dudley curve. The second was Egelston station, for your viewing pleasure. But with respect to Dudley station of old, It was an emporium of transportation, different levels , ramps , buses , trains , trolleys , action city.even walking distance to a furniture store that laid in the fork of the tracks, said building soon to become the new Boston Public Schools offices. But you still have to watch your shopping bags around there, even as I type the Foxes announce a stabbing , Warren @ Dudley.

      Neat Map

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      Thanks for sharing it. I love old transit maps.

      It may not truly be helpful, though. Dudley, for instance - which I think this may be - had multiple trolley/bus ramps that wouldn't show on such a map.



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      No free transfer there.

      My first gut feeling was the Pleasant Street Incline, but my guess is that Pleasant Street would be brighter.


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      The 10 cent fare puts the date after the 1918 fare increase. The August 1919 car requirements only called for a few lines to be run with Type 4s. Lines using the loops at Dudley were Norfolk-Dudley and Jamaica-Dudley. This looks like the West Loop, so it would have to be a Jamaica Plain car. Apparently, riding was so heavy they needed to run trailers during the rush hours! A far cry from the loads on the 41 today.

      If only we could read the sign!


      For the curious...

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      Some other lines running with Type 4s during the summer of 1919:

      Mattapan Square - Egleston Square via Blue Hill Avenue
      Neponset - Andrew Square via Dorchester Avenue
      Lenox Street - North Station via Tremont Street
      Jamaica - North Station via Huntington
      Watertown - Park Street (old "A" Line)
      Watertown - Allston
      Harvard - Pleasant & Appleton
      Sullivan - Elm Street



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      park street

      Not sure where

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      But I know when. It was before they banned spitting on the tracks.