Farewell, Robin Williams

[Great Movie Scenes] Good Will Hunting - Park Scene

The Public Garden scene in "Good Will Hunting."

L.A. Times: Robin Williams dies at 63 in apparent suicide.



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      I hate suicide, absolutely

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      I hate suicide, absolutely hate that it's a path so many people feel they have to take. Sorry to hear that your battle got the best of you Robin.


      He along with Jonathan Winters were the true kings of comedy. Unmatched masters of improv.

      Robin Williams, no loss.

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      The higher Williams's profile rose, the more politically vocal he became. Williams was a major Democratic contributor. His contributions over the years topped $150,000 to Democratic candidates and liberal causes.

      During the Mork and Mindy era, a lovely, older woman who I worked with was thrilled when her husband bought them both tickets to see Robin Williams perform live, on stage, in Boston. The woman talked about the upcoming show for weeks in advance. When she returned to work in the days after the show, everyone asked, "how was it?" She was visibly despondent, saying the language and performance was so filthy and obscene that most people walked out. Obviously, a troubled guy for a long time.

      What heartfelt words on behalf of the "family values party..."

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      Somehow the tale about the Robin Williams stand-up event when "most" of the audience walked out because they were shocked--SHOCKED by the filth got past my radar, but hey--great story, bro. Just please make sure that someone drops a line to Adam when you shuffle off this mortal coil so we can all return the sentiment--"no loss."


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      Not one fucking tribute to Robin has been about his political leanings. Few of the remembrances have been about his early stand-up in comparison to his award-winning movie and TV show roles.

      To characterize him that way in a way to awkwardly and backhandedly dismiss him as "no loss" is so disgustingly mindless that I have lost what little respect I might have held out for you and your opinions.

      My home stream

      ..at G Plus is an avalanche of appreciations and thank you's from every corner of the planet.

      I have a feeling the O Fish Al sawmill canary fart won't carry very far.

      Robin Williams charitable work

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      Tack on there work for the homeless with the co-founding of Comic Relief ($80 million raised over the years); long-time support for children with cancer through St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; spinal injury - Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation; and more cancer funding through the LiveStrong Foundation.

      Yeah, no loss there at all. I mean he never posted hateful, ignorant shit on a blog.

      You - looking in a mirror.

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      " Obviously, a troubled guy for a long time."

      You've summed up yourself better than anyone else has. Congratulations.

      Do you realize

      That you are a horrible human being? At this point I really don't think you're just an online troll, but an actual disgrace as a person. I'm sure your mom is ashamed of what you've become.

      O-fish-L troll

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      What a hateful and ignorant comment about someone who brought laughter and joy to millions.

      You O-FISH-L are a despicable

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      You O-FISH-L are a despicable sub-human being. No loss???? This man was one of the biggest supporters of those in the military...including me. To call helping those in need...which was his lifelong pursuit... "liberal causes" shows how sorry you are.

      Of course "helping those in

      Of course "helping those in need" is a liberal cause. What planet are you from? The only cause conservatives support anymore is "Fuck you, Jack, I've got mine."

      And to think that fishy lives high on the hog

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      Thanks to liberal policies like pension and healthcare for former police officers like him.

      At least he doesn't have a gun to impose his hatefully bad judgement or lack of compassion on others anymore.


      Calling you scum would be a serious insult to scum.

      During the Mork and Mindy era

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      During the Mork and Mindy era..

      Then she didn't see a Robin Williams show.
      She saw Cocaine Featuring a Guest Appearance from Robin Williams.

      Your inability to grasp that, in addition to your 30+ year grudge on behalf of someone else and your deep need to make this political are... weird.


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      His Groucho Walk at the end was awesome.

      Such talent

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      I too remember with great fondness watching "Mork & Mindy". I loved his dramatic work as well. It is so sad that such brilliance so often consumes itself far too soon.

      Thanks, Robin, for the wonderful body of work you've left us. I will cherish it always.
      Peace to your loved ones.