Fields Corner pizza place seized again

The Dorchester Reporter reports on Hi Fi Pizza's latest tax-related shutdown.



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Not only should they be shut

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Not only should they be shut down for tax purposes but more for a horrible nasty dump. Hand lotion, medicine bottles, Vaseline and etc on a table that looks like it could be use for making pizza. The fridge that I want to assume that holds meat, looks nasty. Horrific dump

I don't know what it has to

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I don't know what it has to do with a lame internet joke but Hifi is the only good pizza around there. Really the only good food besides that one Jamaican place on Washington.

Although canton house (both are good but the tiny one is the best) will always be up there in my top 5 Chinese spots

Was just a lame internet joke

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Was just a lame internet joke, sorry I hit a nerve there. Owners just don't seem to care.

Pizza quality has gone down hill there anyways. The Currach is good, try them.

Second the Currach, which is now Beach House Cafe

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Good pizza and sandos. Pantry Pizza in Savin Hill makes good sandwiches, haven't had there pizza.

Puritan Pizza on Morrisey is adecent Greek style place. Well run.
I wouldn't eat at Hi-Fi if you paid me.

Yeah I haven't lived in the

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Yeah I haven't lived in the area since 2009 or so. I guess I shouldn't review pizza spots 5 years after I've eaten there

Las Vegas seafood

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Same thing happened to Las Vegas seafood in hp.

The real crime is their pizza

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Esp. compared to how goos it was back in the day: right up there with Regina's and Santarpio's. Wouldn't feed it to my dog these days.

Fields Corner Pizzas

Fields Corner isn't really known for it's culinary delights, unless you really, really like Vietnamese. D'Benny's pizza just a block or so north of there and is pretty good though. I think there is a Domino's, but Domino's gives a percentage of their profits to hard right wing causes which isn't really my thing so I stay away from them (plus their pizza kind of sucks)

Blarney Stone

You are totally right. Blarney Stone does have great food, the sliders are my fave. Also the seafood chowder. I haven't been there in a while. Need to return soon.

no connection,as a bona fide

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no connection,as a bona fide hifi alum in fields corner im here to tell you imade the dough for both places and they were not even remotely connected ...shout out to RIDGEWOOD love all my people

hifi was the best pizza

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hifi was the best pizza anywhere hifi lucky strike park theater HENRYs hamburgers RIDGEWOOD st. forever