A final salute and their last minutes

Procession to funeral home of firefighters

Police and firefighters lined the roads from Albany Street in the South End to Centre Street in West Roxbury yesterday evening as Firefighter Michael Kennedy's body was transported from the medical examiner's office to the P.E. Murray Funeral Home.

In Jamaica Plain, meanwhile, residents had an informal memorial at the Monument, where they left a board and pens for people to say farewell.

Jamaica Plain memorial

The Globe recounts the last minutes in the lives of Lt. Edward Walsh and Firefighters Michael Kennedy, and provides a possible answer to the question of why they weren't getting water - the suddenly intense fire burned through their hose.

And after they stopped answering the dispatcher on the radio:

At least two firefighters tried to run inside the building to find Walsh, but they were forced back by their colleagues, who wrapped them in bear hugs to restrain them.

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    don't use the plural

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    Only one Jamaica Plain resident was involved, and you can guess who, judging from the tackiness level.


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    So it's not the most elegant memorial ever. It's still a gesture, and a temporary one at that, to honour the men who died fighting a fire and safeguarding our fellow Bostonians, and clearly there are others - yes, plural - who have found meaning in it. There is no need to piss on this.

    OH NO

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    When a late March wind

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    with a raging fire roar takes two exemplary lives away..
    ..just like that...

    Agonizing over the aesthetics of grief..

    Is so far beneath significance, no amount of drilling will ever reach it

    That Jamaica Plain resident

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    That Jamaica Plain resident saved at least one person's life at the Marathon last year, so he gets to be as tacky as he wants.

    The procession passed me as I

    The procession passed me as I was headed in the other direction at the Centre St/Arborway rotary last night. There was no mistaking what it was... First a police SUV, then 20-30 motorcycle cops, then a bunch of (civilian) bikers, then the hearses, then dozens of fire trucks and ambulances, and more police cars bringing up the rear. It was a huge motorcade. Looked like the state cops were working traffic control while BPD rode in the procession. Several people came out of the houses on Centre to watch.

    Another Fire?

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    There is a ton of smoke in the back back that looks to be originating from a street near the Charles. Anyone know whether this is another fire?