Finally: Corner of Comm. Ave. and Harvard to get major convenience store

The Globe reports Tedeschi is taking over the space Kelly's vacated in 2011. Once it opens, the current Tedeschi, inconveniently located three doors down from the corner on the other side of Harvard, will close.



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Tedeschi density

It's too bad the other one will close, because you'd think if any part of the city could support two Tedeschis on top of each other, it'd be right there. So Hyde Park will retain the title as the Tedeschi-densest place anywhere (there's one on Hyde Park Avenue and another maybe two blocks away on River Street).



I'm disappointed that the former Kelly's space isn't going to turn into something more interesting, but on the other hand the current Tedeschi across Harvard is decidedly old and depressing - I dare say they could use a new, bigger location. It would be great if Berezka, the Russian market next to the old Tedeschi, could expand into that space once it's vacated - that would be a big win.


Go for it

Rather than say some other private business should go there rather than a convenience store that you disagree with, take the risk, sign a lease, pay your rent, run your business, and feel great about it, or fail at it. Whether it's Allston, Lynnfield, Quincy, or Pittsfield, retail goes where it is needed and the risk and reward is done by those who do rather than pontificate.

Don't you get it, Allstonian?

Sure, you actually live in Allston, and thus may have strong, well-informed opinions about the sort of businesses that might serve the locals better than another convenience store, of which the neighborhood already has, what, six? 12? But that's not the point!

No, this is about not missing a chance to lecture strangers on the virtues of bootstrap capitalism, of the courage and pluck of those who do, not those who merely complain! Why do you hate our freedom?



I miss that place (and I used to get my hair cut at the barber in the basement underneath the Tedeschi). Even better than the Grecian Yearning for the morning after the night before.

Allston banks

There are fewer banks in that part of Allston than there used to be, actually - I can only think of 3 off the top of my head: the Bank of America on Commonwealth, a few doors down from this Tedeschi-s-to-be; the new TD Bank in the former Uno's space; the Santander Bank on Harvard Avenue at the far end of the TJ Maxx parking lot. Are there others I'm forgetting?

There used to be a Citizen's Bank branch in the Star Market; that's long gone. The Chinese-American bank on Harvard between Petco Unleashed and Mall Liquors closed several years ago. Heck, the Tedeschi at Brighton and Harvard used to be a little community bank branch, and Big City - um, Patron's now, I guess - was a bank when I was a kid.

More banks

Yep, I'd forgotten the Mount Washington, which is fairly new. That Stop & Shop is kind of a hike - not sure I would count it as in the immediate neighborhood. And the BOA ATM turned into a fro-yo shop, although that apparently closed in January "for the winter break" and is now officially closed for good. (You wanna talk about what that neighborhood doesn't need any more of, it's fro-yo shops, not banks.)

God dammit.

As someone who lives in Brighton Center, fuck banks.

One long strip of useless buildings - closed past 5pm, parking lots going to waste, a quiet, desolate-feeling series of road. There are, I believe, 6 of them on Market St. both before and after Washington. Kills the "downtown" feel.


The Uno's was one of the best

The Uno's was one of the best places to have a quiet beer in the Allston student zone. While the hipper places down Harvard Ave were packed, the Uno's seemed to be the place students brought their parents for dinner.