Finally: We get that Korean taco place you've been pining for

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on a Koreanish/tacoish place that's opened on Bedford Street in the Financial District. "K-tacos, which have bulgogi or spicy chicken placed in corn tortillas," anyone?

Place has possibly the least descriptive name ever, though: InBoston.



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So nobody wants to admit to

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So nobody wants to admit to being in Downtown Crossing? How do they figure Bedford street as being in the Fin. District. It's just like what was originally called the Lafayette Hotel was changed to "The Hyatt in the Financial District," or the upcoming "FIDI" lofts on Arch Street. Of course the worse offender is Providence Place claiming to be on Beacon Hill.


Seems like the Financial District to me.

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Bedford Street runs between 125 Summer Street and the State Street headquarters, which all seems pretty financial. I'd draw the line down Chauncy Street/Arch Street (which runs right next to your other questioned cases). It's not like Downtown Crossing and the Financial District are ancient neighborhoods that have been here since the Puritans showed up. The Financial District is where the financial institutions and other office-type jobs are, and Downtown Crossing is more retail-centric.


Oooh A new place to try out!

Korean food with tacos? Sounds interesting.

This also reminds me something. While I definitely remember I stumbled to UHub to track MBTA's slow crash and burn, I also recalled enjoying posts that alerted me of upcoming events and places like this. But it was so long ago that I wonder if it was only in my head (and if it was not in my head, a very slow and subtle change). Either way, can there be more posts like this?


Even crappier name...

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[and lame food to match] is Boloco, from BOston LOcal COmpany. Previously known as The Wrap.

I can't wait to try InBoston, though. I wonder if there's a Korean play on words at work there.


This defunct place in the Back Bay complete with a Barcode on the sign used to drive me crazy with it's frou-frou name. Just sounded so overthought.