Finally, a place for Avengers to assemble

New Assembly stop on the MBTA's Orange Line

MBTAinfo notes you can tell the new Assembly stop on the Orange Line is almost ready for business because they've installed the benches and station-name signs, although hopefully Hulk smash neither.



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Why are all the outdoor

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Why are all the outdoor stations in this state built without at least some heated weatherproof enclosures? Have the designers not realized how awful our winters are?

I've only seen the station from the outside but ...

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Looks like it has two enclosed entrances (yeah, yeah, "headhouses"). I wouldn't be surprised if those are heated and have the dulcet tones of Frank Oglesby (and that evil robot imposter) alerting riders to when the next trains are coming.


no heat

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but there are wind breaker rooms on the platform.

heating just cost too much $$$ to do, especially if it isn't totally enclosed with a door. Its a waste of energy. Plus they become places for the homeless to sleep at night


Ding Ding Ding

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Plus they become places for the homeless to sleep at night

You don't need to coach it with the expense excuse - after all, even an unheated enclosed station is warmer than a wind tunnel. It's morbidly fun to point these kind of things out to people, since it shows our priorities are making the homeless uncomfortable even if it's at the expense of everyone. "Why would they put a spiky armrest in the middle of a park bench?" It's not because of expense...


They did it for the green

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They did it for the green line, at least all along the D line the outdoor stops have special heated waiting areas.


The D line has heated

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The D line has heated shelters. Mostly for the fare equipment, but it helps passengers too.



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Now I can check out that movie theatre without riding the 90 bus!

Anyone know when it actually opens.. I heard Labor Day weekend but I could be wrong.

End of this month

According to various articles, the T is aiming for the end of this month (August). It should be open next week!

Form the Boston Magazine article

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“It will be open to the public within a few weeks,” said T spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

An exact date was not specified, but passengers should expect to have access to the new stop before month’s end. The T will meet its scheduled August target date, debuting the new stop in Somerville “before every last element of the project is finished in the fall.”

The “substantial completion” of the overall project, which will make it the 20th stop along the Orange Line, is slated for sometime in November.

Somerville officials said Friday that the date of the opening in conjunction with MBTA officials “should be finalized very soon,” and could come as early as next Monday.

Typical MBTA nonsense - we're going to open the station at some point, but we won't tell you when that is. Pathetic, expecially when they admit the station will be open before it's actually completed.


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The Fall 2014 timetable begins on Saturday, August 30th. The T may just do a soft opening then and save the speeches and ribbon cutting for the first week of September.