Finally, something for that BU fan in your life: A night in hotel's Terrier Suite

The Daily Free Press reports the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square has re-done one of its suits in homage to BU:

It includes a giant graphic mural of Rhett … a photo montage of archival Boston University news clippings and a ‘Wall of Fame’ headboard. The school gave priceless guidance on tailoring the room to appeal to Boston University alumni, students, faculty and parents.




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    Newsday and the Bergen County News Agree

    The BU suite is better than anything Harvard or that any other Boston college could do. It is the greatest hotel suite ever and when parents from LI and NJ come to visit their child, they will stay in the best hotel suite in Boston.

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    Could not remember the Newark Star Ledger when posting

    I am not being a troll, but does anyone from Boston, that is the whole metro area go to BU? I had a few classmates from high school go there but only because BU gives free rides to Boston public high schools as a form of PILOT, but at least for undergrad, there does not seem to be a good amount of Red Sox fans in the bunch.

    The school is an island with it sucking up thousands of metro New Yorkers, Philadelphians, and DC metro kids puts them in academic feeding pens and Allston for a few years and then they disappear or at least hang out in for a year after graduation before taking off.

    All of my wife's nieces and nephews are done with college and no one ever said when they were applying, I'm thinking of BU. I interact with people at work and people through my son's sports teams and the parents talk about their older kids college ambitions and I hear hoping for BC, dream about Williams or Wellesley, but probably Wheaton, Stonehill or someplace like UVA. I know some people who went there, but those were people who went there in the 50's.

    I got into BU and never gave it a thought about going. The school seems to be always trying to prove it has big boy pants. The whole BU 150 thing a few years ago where they claimed to be 150 years old because they took over a Vermont theology school which was founded in 1839 was publicity whoring writ large. I'm sure they have some very nice programs and the like but sometimes the auto dealer mentality that is in some of their facilities seems to have left a mark on the school.

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    I coulda gone there for free

    ..but just couldn't find a shit to give.

    Back in the 80s it was said you could yell 'Hey Mindy!" in the dining commons and a bunch of big haired women would rise like prarie dogs to the call.

    And I'll never forgive them for Silber.

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    Mass. students at BU

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    For the class of 2018 19% of registrants are from Massachusetts (the most of any state). No idea what percentage are from the "Metro Area".

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    *Raise Hand*

    When I first signed up to UHub six years ago, I was an undergrad BU student. I grew up in Metro Boston Area. I can start counting Boston-Metro raised BU friends and acquaintances if you wish.

    There are other UHubbers who are fellow former Undergrads or Grads. I remember Matthew mentioned he is/was one in a comment somewhere. I remember a few others mentioned, though I forgot who.

    As a personal experience, yes there are lots of Connecticut, New Yorkers, and New Jerseyans. BU has a huge international student population too. But still, just as large, are the faction of Massachusetts people (at least by the little world I built as BU kid). There's plenty of us. Just because your family and circles happen to not doesn't mean there are not a significant number of us.

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    Thanks for the feedback

    I wasn't be jackarsy. It just feels like there is this school that is almost like its own principality that runs from Packard's Corner to Kenmore and then south to Audubon Circle that is part of some other entity like Germany in the 1700's with all these little places speaking the same language yet owing their loyalties to some other royalty than their neighbor.

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    And Catholic schools

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    BU offers similar programs to students from the Catholic high schools in the greater Boston area as well.

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    Yes...students from Boston do attend BU!

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    Our daughter and many of her fellow BLS (Boston Latin School) classmates attend BU. Can't speak to other BPS high school students, but I know that Latin channels a number of their seniors each year to BU. I think she told me that this year there is a larger percentage of international students (perhaps as high as 25%??) in the freshman class than in the past.

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