Fire erupts in South Boston building

Fire on Thomas Park

Thomas Park fire. Photo by Goes 2 Eleven.

The Boston Fire Department reports one resident suffered non-life-threatening burns when what turned into a two-alarm fire started at 52 Thomas Park around 4:20 p.m.

One firefighter suffered a shoulder injury, the department reports.

The fire, which started on a rear porch, consumed the porches on the third and fourth floors. The department estimates damage at $600,000.



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    That's a wind-whipped spark away from my house.

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    End the ignorance

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    (or at least mine):

    What does the number signify in the term n-alarm fire? No. of fire "companies" responding? No. of fire vehicles?

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    Interesting to see..

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    the flag at half staff in the foreground to honor the lost firefighters.
    Not to jump to conclusions, but could this be another "careless smoking" situation?
    People need to get some kind of jug w/ water and drop their ciggies in that.

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