Fireworks over Dorchester Bay

For the second time this month, a commercial fireworks display went off over Dorchester Bay last night. Although, both of these were paid for using private funds for a private event, given the fact that we all have to listen to them, shouldn't the display be announced in advance so that people can make arrangements to get to a vantage point to see them?

I'm not asking for an invite to the event or for the event location to be revealed; rather a simple announcement from the City (presumably permits must be pulled) that "a fireworks display will be over Dorchester Bay, the Inner Harbor, the Charles, etc. beginning at 9PM. If the sponsor wants to remain anonymous, so be it.



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      But as they are 'private

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      But as they are 'private fireworks', the organizer kindly asks that the public look away from them at all times.


      What the......

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      This is a joke right?!?!?


      No joke

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      PNutt asked a serious question, I think. As long as it IS private (as he writes) and as long as no laws or ordinances about any such public announcements are broken, then the answer to his question is no. I believe that's what 'private' is all about.

      Outside of this state, however, PNutt's question would very likely be treated as a total joke.

      I think it's fair

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      Assuming these are big time professional fireworks, I think at least putting outa notice that there will be fireworks at x time would be a decent thing to do.

      Now, to say where they are going off, essentially inviting the public to a private event, that would be asking way too much.

      Talk about an air of

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      Talk about an air of entitlement from the author. He must have played in one of those sports leagues growing up where everyone get a "participation trophy".