First Charlestown, now New York

Todd English booted from New York Olives.

Meanwhile, his daughter Isabelle's Beacon Hill cupcake place, which closed for repairs, is now closed for good.



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    Who is this guy? And why is

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    Who is this guy? And why is he allowed to commit crimes against gastronomy and sound financial investments?


    Still coasting on his reputation from the early 1990s,

    the last time he operated a really good restaurant in Boston. Also, good looks, fame and wealth have a way of luring in suckers to invest in your latest rickety brand-extension franchise.

    I suspect that his pool of available chumps may have dried up in Boston. There aren't many local investors, purveyors, landlords and restaurant industry employees he hasn't screwed over already.


    I'd think

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    his money must be close to drying up by now as well, no? What does he have left, probably a piece of Olives in NYC, Figs, a place or two in Vegas? Does he still have the airport restaurants?

    Hardly; he's still one of the wealthiest restaurateurs

    in America. He has maybe 15 fine dining restaurants, some more casual franchises like Figs and the airport-based Bonfire, some very successful casino-resident restaurants, one on the Queen Mary, plus a line of cookware he flogs on HSN. He's just perfected a method of saddling everybody else with the costs of his failures and insulating himself from them. As UHub has done a very nice job of reporting, it looks some of his creditors at Kingfish Hall and Olives Charlestown wised up and went after his other local assets, hence the seizure of Figs Charlestown's malt / wine license, the sale of Olives Charlestown to Legal, and CurlyCakes going kablooey.



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    He's into Vulture Capital? If the restauranteur drys up, maybe he can get a job at Bain.



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    Good one...

    Too busy staying "hands on"

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    I especially liked this quote from someone denying she's one of the people pictured:

    Song told The Post she’s not in the new pic, saying, “My eyes don’t look like that, and I have bigger breasts.”