The first time Harvard students held a black mass

Peter Muise takes us back to the 1640s, when some Harvard men decided to take advantage of President Henry Dunster's trip to Concord to raise some hell:

The students did succeed in raising Satan, but unfortunately were not able to control him. The Evil One proceeded to run amok on campus. In a panic, the students sent a message to Dunster that he needed to come back to campus immediately. Dunster mounted his horse and galloped back to campus to handle the rampaging demon. He was a well-trained minister and knew just what to do.



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Just a lackey

If the president of a small liberal arts college was able to banish him with some pyrotechnics, then it was probably not Satan who was raised from Hell. It was more likely some minor janitorial demon who was on a break.

He knew exactly what to do

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He knew exactly what to do

So he offered Satan the job of ArchDean of the Business School in perpetuity in exchange for just keeping a low profile.

The whole concept of a "black mass"....

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The whole concept of a "black mass" is solely to denigrate Catholicism...and the people's who are involved have the sole purpose of being disrespectful to others religion....and gaining attention for themselves.

They are mostly adults acting as juveniles in Jr. HS.