Flaming truck stalls traffic on 93 north of the city

Truck fire on I-93

Tatyana photographed the truck around 5:20 p.m. on I-93 north in Medford. Ten minutes later, State Police reported only the left lane was open past the truck in Medford.




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And the truck fire location (just north of the Roosevelt Circle exit) is almost six miles north of the Zakim Bridge. With respect Adam, I doubt the average person would consider that amount of distance as "just past" a referenced landmark.

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Thanks Adam.

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No "i" in Cluster%[email protected]& either

But, if it weren't for Adam's posting of this in a timely fashion, we would not have known to stay left through the hellacious traffic in the tunnel, breeze across the Tobin, short cut through clear roads in Chelsea and Everett, and Malden, and cut across Roosevelt Circle via local roads to drop off a buddy in Winchester.

Also, if you were someone for whom this really mattered, the messup of the location was okay - I could tell where this was by those center light poles, and I'm betting others could, too.

Thanks, Adam!

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clear roads in Chelsea and Everett

clear roads in Chelsea and Everett

Lucky you the Callahan is reopened! It was like a Sunday morning drive this evening, being the first Friday with the tunnel open. The past several Fridays have been hell in comparison, primarily from airport traffic.

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