Roads flood across area; two trapped by floodwaters in West Roxbury

Bromfield Road flooding, Somerville

Flooding on Bromfield Road, Somerville. Photo by Dan Adams. See it larger.

Fast-moving morning showers flooded roads across the area, from small sidestreets to Rte. 9 and Storrow Drive. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for parts of Essex County.

In West Roxbury, emergency workers responded to Spring Street at the Shaw's plaza around 9:20 a.m. to rescue two motorists whose cars stalled in up to four feet of water at the neighborhood's traditional storm-flood area.

Rte. 9 in Brookline also flooded and Storrow Drive was filling up.

Orangejackius captured the scene on Western Avenue in Allston:

More flooding news and views:



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Green Line Riverside

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and Boston College lines were temporarily shut down as the storms went through. Trains were ordered to berth at intermediate stations and make onboard announcements "for safety reasons due to the weather conditions."

And, based on conditions I observed about ten minutes ago (outside flooding causing a cascade of water down the stairs), it's possible that Boylston outbound will be shut down for a short time as well.

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WHDH 7 says that there is a

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WHDH 7 says that there is a tornado warning for Essex County until 10:30 am, could be related to this....

Now showing pictures of scenes in Revere and Lynn having been pummeled .

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In the interim

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It's likely that Revere got hit with a minor tornado. Reports of cars overturned and trees blocking roadways.

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There's a storm outside

... and the gap between clap and thunder, clap and thunder, is closing in ... is closing in.

The rain floods gutters, makes a sizzling sound on concrete ...

I got caught in the middle of it downtown. I've rarely seen it rain that hard, except, maybe, under a waterfall!

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Just Curious

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Is that guy in the background picking up his garbage can, the one with the umbrella in ankle deep water, that guy.... Is he the one trapped?

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Careful reading reveals...

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...that picture is from Somerville, not West Roxbury, and the fellow appears to be a local homeowner, not a motorist (photographer says the guy was going up the street, picking up all the bins and trash. Solid).

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Does anyone know the extent

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Does anyone know the extent of the flooding around Boston College/Cleveland Circles/Reservoir? Thanks!

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