Fog bewitches the Red Line

Dead trains at JFK/UMass and Harvard creating all sorts of fun for commuters this morning.

Various commuter-rail lines into North Station also having various issues. The Fitchburg Line has major delays because the 6:55 train hit somebody near Snake Hill Road in Ayer. The MBTA reports the person's injuries are not considered life threatening.



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Dead train on Newburyport line

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My (already late) Commuter rail train from Newburyport came to a stop on a superelevated curve near Chelsea for about 5 minutes and I came pretty close to having a panic attack over it. Felt like we were going to tip right over. Seriously, not cool! They finally just let us know that there's a dead train in front of us that we need to push into Boston.

As I was writing this, our power went out. So there's now possibly 2 dead trains on this line.

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