Food flies, wall tumbles in Chinatown restaurant brawl

Aftermath of brawl in Chinatown

Juan Perez thought he was just getting some late dinner at Peach Farm, 4 Tyler St., early this morning. He got to watch a fight, too, when a group of about 10 people launched a scrum shortly before 2 a.m. that left food all over the floor and part of a wall tumbled onto the ground.

He reports at least some of the participants did not appear to be teetotalers. In the video he took, a couple of participants were run out but decided to try to continue the discussion, which restaurant workers had none of. The video ends with blue lights flashing outside and a member of the local constabulary entering.



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Later closing times, world class, the city that sleeps. We need more of this? Not just in Chinatown either. We could spread it around a little. No thank you.

Yes, because

.nothing is more important than ensuring that the 20 to 30 something vanity monkeys have a proper courting pavilion with all the sizzling glamour one finds in 2 am Boston.

Someone was stabbed

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While leaving summer school last week, maybe we should shut that shut down too?

If you haven't noticed a lot of the city's violent crime has been occurring mid day, so what's your point?

I think the pressure in you security bubble is a little high!

Non sequiter

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Nice Chewbacca defense. Just keep saying things that don't make sense and then say "no thanks".

I, at least

..can provide clear photographic evidence of the real and most likely collateral damage outcome of this heady new nightlife reality.

Behold, the morning after. around 7:30a saturday.

Yikes... a hangover and back pain.

Nothing new

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And nothing that would go away or be worse if closing times changed.

Probably not.

I rarely argue these things from a morality position.

It's mainly about economic critical mass to make it worthwhile for the various people who will be expected to make it work.

In the 80s, people would just cohere some kind of ad hoc loft scene which covered the small number of die hard nocturnals. There was Thayer st for the blue collar townies and Causeway for the collegiate art school denizens.The people did it themselves.

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni. or "We spin through the night consumed by the fire."

And the usual fuel was gack, also called cocaine.

There were after hours gatherings. No one expected the usual small biz suspects to stick their necks out.

Nowadays, what with asset inflation and intensified preciousness that follows the spike in worth, such things are less doable, so you are stuck trying to leverage a city and its vast majority cohort of people who would rather just be asleep.

And that would probably make the other direction work too. If nightlife contracted by an hour it would probably be a yawn to that majority cohort too.

And I don't imagine it's an issue that will get anyone elected to city wide office.

Nor is it likely to end up on Terry Murray's radar screen as an essential facet of tourism growth.

Data to the contrary is always welcome.

What a shame

That's such a good restaurant, and Tom, Helen, their parents, and all the staff have always worked hard and served delicious meals. They don't need or deserve this kind of crap.

Maybe you should read that post again

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That other place was fined for excluding people based on their race, not because they had just started a brawl that ended up with a part of a wall lying on the ground. It's subtle, so you might have to think about it a bit to figure out why there's a difference.

Over a girl

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99% of the time it's over a girl/woman, and some real or percieved slight.