Food trucks are so passe

Party trucks at MIT

Dev photographed party trucks on Albany Street near MIT last night.



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    Its a thing, called...

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    ...the night market. And its full of quirky, friendly, catch-us-if-u-can awesome

    Looks pretty heart-ish to me.

    But I've only been involved with Cambridge since 1962.

    As much as I'm trying to eschew the pitiful gotcha sport that animates many here, this was hard to pass up.

    And now for the self important pontification portion.

    One might argue that Albany street with one end near the old Ford Plant and the other nearly touching Draper is a primary SW to NE access road for the campus core.

    Moreover, many of those early 20th century manufacturing buildings between Mass Ave and the Ford Plant are like an early counterpart to silicon valley and owe their location to the value of proximity to MIT.


    I have a bunch of material on that park.

    It borders Grand Junction with a nearby homeless encampment and killer wrought iron cannon ornament fencing.

    It's the old cradle of manufacturing area I alluded to.

    You know, there is no reason to be coy about locations in this day and age.

    Specificity is your friend and enhances the value of content.

    And then it cuts down on the number of these gotcha and counter gotcha fests.

    I found a way to share useful stuff anyway..

    And I have a video clip from there that I haven't mixed down and the season is a good match.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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    First off...

    Keep eating off "da roach coach."
    Im sure nothing will happen...

    And yes, keep partying on a vehicle with the same chassis as a chevy 3500 vortec [paddy wagon].


    What does the BPD have to do with anything here?

    Why the assumption that this must be illegal?


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    OK, yet another proof that fashion is cyclical.

    80s Boston, Too

    I remember going to large festival and stadium shows where this one MIT prof's kid would let us know that he was bringing the rental truck, and take up a collection for the keg. He was on the seven-year plan, so he was old enough to rent it.

    ... which makes me now wonder if these are his kids doing this now ...