Forget the werewolves of London, we've got the coyotes of Dorchester

Police are keeping a wary eye on a coyote first reported at lunchtime at Dorchester Avenue and Linden Street. Around 12:45, it was reported on Orchardfield Street, three blocks south. It was not reported to be bothering anybody, and officers are leaving it be for now.

This is a couple hours after a turkey was spotted on Adams Street.




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    How many people have been injured by a coyote in this state in the past 10 years?

    And how many by a turkey?

    My money's on the turkeys. TLF - statistics please?

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    Another sighting

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    Nadine Fallon reports the coyote of Dorchester was also spotted on Jones Hill. His hair was perfect.

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    Possible solution to the people who let their dogs run leashless in parks where it's illegal?

    (The coyotes would, in this scenario, eat the lousy owners, not the dogs, just in case you thought I was being unnecessarily barbaric)

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    Almost 10 years ago my

    Almost 10 years ago my boyfriend saw a coyote in the Arboretum.

    That location, though, seems really urban for a coyote. Could it be that someone was unsuccessfully keeping it as a pet?

    What was TLF doing over in Dot?

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    Coyotes are around.

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    I spotted tracks last winter all by themselves in a place where no one walks their dogs, the barrens around the North Station Rail Yards.

    And there were no corresponding human tracks. They also ran in neat point to point lines as wild canids have to be a bit more efficient than dogs.

    I've seen them down in the cranberry towns we call terra incognita where the south end of the Bay Circuit goes down where Pembroke meets Hanson.

    It is part and parcel to that general reclamation being made by Herons, deer, turkeys raptors like falcons and so on. All these species were very rare 40 years ago.

    Now I see Peregrines outside my window ambushing pigeons in mid flight over Inman Square.

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    I see and hear coyotes often near and sometimes in the Arboretum. They are often seen in the Jamaica Hills area, and I see them making their rounds at about midnight. I, too, saw footprints this winter without any nearby human prints. They seem to be stalking the rabbits.

    The coyotes want to avoid me and my dog but I wave my arms and tell them to go away anyway. It does get your heart pumping fast when you do see one near. Then it's time to get in the house.

    I'm getting more used to their being around.

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    They are happy to avoid humans.

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    Unless they are rabid.

    And there is an abundance of rabbits in transit everywhere preparing a counter stroke against the turkey incursion.

    The Stony Brook Park area is probably a den site and the Emerald Necklace allows great access cover.

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