Former Phoenix editor to head up WGBH's online news push

Peter Kadzis was announced today as senior editor of WGBH News and will focus on beefing up the station's online news coverage. Dan Kennedy posts the memo.



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    Spending money they don't

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    Spending money they don't have on people they don't need. Can't go on forever. Why do you think they have nearly year round beg-a-tons now?


    Into What?

    Somebody get Anon a tape of Maggie doing aerobics quick or the recording of the Friday afternoon symphony on October 19, 1957 so we can hear jewelry rattling against furs. That will restore the GBH glory, you betcha.


    WGBH "News" Can't Get Any Worse...

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    With the Friday night "Beat the Press" program long a liberal admiration society (conservatives need not apply) and Greater Boston host Emily Rooney fretting that the Marathon Memorial was left up too long, not to mention Rooney being apoplectic that the "juvenile" animal who murdered, raped and robbed teacher Colleen Ritzer might automatically be tried as an adult, it can't get any worse. A Phoenix editor is probably more moderate. Much like CNN and the Globe, WGBH willingly alienates a large portion of the audience with their dutiful adherence to liberal talking points.

    Not much lately on "Global Warming" since the Ship of Fools got stuck in the ice, along with all of the rescue ships. About a month before the ship getting stuck and causing international laughter, Rooney had some outrageous guest who made me regret taking my air conditioner out of the window in the fall, expecting 80s-90s all winter! After years of praising and joking with Menino without any tough questioning, has WGBH decided to enter the PILOT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) program on their Brighton mega-plex, since as a "non-profit" they pay no taxes? As Oscar Wilde and others have said, "It would take a heart of stone not to laugh," except that my hard earned tax money supports public broadcasting.


    You know Fish, my sense most

    You know Fish, my sense most will just roll their eyes as a Conservative rant. I haven't watch WGBH news shows since high school (I don't know why as a high schooler I found myself sitting through such show shows with exception to NOVA, I just stuck with the show channel surfing sometimes), but if I go with what you listed, I have to say its a list I would have to find concurrency.

    Especially if she apologized for that kid who killed Colleen Ritzer. I read a few heavily dissented commentators in who spoke that he was a juvenile. I cannot accept their arguments, developing brains is not enough as things most at the same age or young can reason morally and if they are that sociopathic, then at least logically. If she followed that type of logic, yeah, I have to agree with your sentiment.

    @RhoninFire: You know Fish...

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    Thanks Rhonin. I didn't quite say she apologized, but her quote on WGBH, as I recall it, was, "Who even remembers Eddie O'Brien?" It was a discussion with one of the prosecutors who had prosecuted 15 year-old, 6'4, 260 pound O'Brien in the horrific 1995 murder of his friend's mother in Somerville. The O'Brien case led to a new law requiring juveniles in certain horrific murder cases to be tried as adults. Prior to that, juveniles, even those charged with murder, were often released at age 21. Rooney was aggressively arguing that they shouldn't be automatically tried as adults, even in the unspeakable Colleen Ritzer case. Outrageous, even for WGBH!

    I forget if it was Martha Coakley or Gerry Leone who she was interviewing (both former Middlesex prosecutors were on the show around the same time) but I was aghast, since 1995 is relatively recent history and the Eddie O'Brien case was the major local and national news story of the year. Ms. Rooney, I for one, vividly remember the Eddie O'Brien case and more importantly Janet Downing his innocent victim. Until then, I never quite knew criminal justice definition of "overkill" but I remember a criminologist on TV at the time stating that O'Brien's stabbing Downing over 100 times was the classic definition. Leave it to WGBH to ask "who remembers?"

    Emily Rooney a liberal? I don

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    Emily Rooney a liberal? I don't think we are watching the same show, which in a sense we are not. I can think of no one more moderate and unpredictable in her views--I am never sure what the host will think about any given issue. Except for one: Her disdain for the internets and in particular bloggers which must have taken some convincing to get her entangled with. I guarantee that Ms. Rooney doesn't even look at that blog they are pretending to attach to the show.

    Most people here are nice....

    ... so the question is -- just what percentage of perpetually mean-spirited grouches does it take to make a city (or any other real or virtual locale) _feel_ unfriendly? I suspect a fairly low percentage (say -- 5-10 percent) is sufficient to start making a a place give off "bad vibes".