Former workers charge Papa Gino's with overtime violations

Two former employees of Papa Gino's allege the local chain avoided paying them overtime for work weeks that sometimes spanned 70 hours by classifying them as "managers" even though they weren't managers.

Jean Max Similien of Stoughton and Jay Jenks of Dedham filed what they hope will become a class-action suit last week in US District Court in Boston.

Similien said he worked for the Dedham-based chain for more than 13 years, most of them as a "general manager," a role in which he had no authority to hire or fire anybody, didn't supervise other workers and spent more than half his time on non-managerial work such as running the cash register, cooking food, answering the phone and cleaning.

He alleges his own manager instructed him to always put 40 hours down on his weekly time slip, even in weeks where he worked more than 70 hours.

The two are seeking back overtime, damages and attorneys' fees for themselves and other similar Papa Gino's workers.



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This is wage theft.

Wage theft, unfortunately, is common.

It is especially repugnant when management steals from low wage workers.

The total amount of wage theft across the USA is more on an annually basis than all of the money taken in bank hold ups.

State attorneys general have to do more than allow citizens file a complaint. Theft is theft. Arrest thieves.

Having worked at Papa Gino's

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Having worked at Papa Gino's in high school as a grill cook, this was all too common. On more than one occasion, I found my time slips altered on more than one occasion where my mid-shift break was either expanded or my clock out time was altered to store closing time (we obviously had to stay past closing to clean and close up). I made a stink and got these fixed, but I always watched my time sheet like a hawk. I do know that all assistant managers managers were salaried at 40 hours (and like this story, that is what there time card showed) but were required to work at least 48 hours a week. It's unfortunate since I always use to love Papa Gino's food, but after having left in 2011, I've never been back to eat.