Fried power conduit causing repeated blackouts in Roslindale

City Councilor Tim McCarthy says a burned-out power conduit is why Roslindale Square and surrounding areas have had numerous power failures recently. He said NStar is now aware of the problem and that city officials have impressed on the utility the need to do something about it, although he did not have a specific date for a permanent fix.



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    Nothing new there

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    The power issues in the square are a long time problem. NSTAR was supposed to have fixed that a few years ago by dropping in a new set of supply lines.

    There was construction ongoing at the distribution station at south and Washington all this past year. Hopefully that was something to do with the long-term fix.

    Aside from the power issues themselves the problem also impacts computers and telephone systems that often require technicians or service calls from Verizon to reset.

    "Power conduits" can't be "burned-out"

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    As a electric utility distribution engineer, I can assure you that a "burned-out power conduit" cannot be the cause of repeated outages. A "conduit" is a pipe in which a power cable is installed. The cable inside the pipe is often referred to as the "feeder" or "circuit". In this case, it sounds like NSTAR has a history of faults (or failures) of the same cable over a period of time.


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    I saw the title and did an immediate mental double take. A quick consult to the wikigoogleweb's auxilary brain confirmed that I was justified in having my "WARNING:BULLSHIT" detector go off.

    [Mr. McCarthy, if you're reading this - I understand you were just elected, but you need a better tech consultant. If this is what you were told by NSTAR, then they are playing you. If you misspoke, then you need a primer/refresher on urban hard infrastructure.

    I can imagine this would not necessarily be a full-time gig, but maybe a few nerdy/engineer people that you can ask questions/pass stuff like this by. You have connections with several area universities after all.]