Fun for the whole family in South Boston

Tomorrow's the annual Southie Family Fun Day in Marine Park, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.



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    There are no families left in Southie. These "moms" are newbies who want to pretend they're living in the old Southie. I bet their husbands wear scally caps also.


    Family Fun Day

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    Oh yes, there are lots of families with children. SB. A lot fewer, but still here.
    My own daughter and her friends are young professional mothers who you would immediately consider a "newbie" but they grew up here. And what is wrong with all of these young mothers creating groups and doing things together - new or not? That is a good thing. Enough with the nonsense of new and old. Change happens. Deal with it.


    Go to any playground

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    In Southie. There are more dogs than kids. Dorothy, You are correct, there is nothing wrong with change, as long as it's for the good.


    Families should have fun

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    But you have to admit, Southie doesn't have as many kids as back in the day.

    10 years ago I was at a meeting (not in Southie and not about kids) when someone said that there were a lot more families and kids in Southie. It took all my inner strength not to laugh. And sure enough, when I looked at the 2010 census stats, I was sadly right.

    This is not to say bat Southie is turning into the North End or South End, and those with kids should be encouraged, but as an outsider it's not looking good.

    These "moms" are newbies who

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    These "moms" are newbies who want to pretend they're living in the old Southie

    While these moms are new, the last thing they want is to pretend they are living in the OLD SOUTHIE. They love the NEW SOBO.


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    Yeah, but their husbands do wear scaly caps.

    Scaly Caps?

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    Scaly caps? Nope. They wear hats of out of area teams (Philly, DC, West Coast, International..etc)... I personally hate hockey but I wear a Montreal Canadiens hat. It shows a sign of sophistication. All the yuppie families I know do the same.

    Of course, I have no plans to marry my European girlfriend and have kids. Our poodle is enough for us but I do agree that developers should build more family friendly housing. We need more families to neutralize the Frat Boy population. Luckily I am seeing more and more families every day.

    The last thing we need is SoBo turning into Allston/Brighton.

    - The Original SoBo Yuppie.

    No one is taking the bait SOBO..

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    Hey Sobo, still trying to bait the locals? They wised up to your childish game long ago. You are just too dumb to know it.



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    Unless you are Native American, you are not a local. You are just another person living in South Boston like me.

    - The original SoBo Yuppie.

    Family Fun Day

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    I was born here. I still live here. Over 50 years. The neighborhood as I know it is pretty much gone. Things are changed.
    I think anything like this event is a positive thing. It's nice to see kids around in the parks, instead of dogs or frat boys goofing off.
    One unfortunate thing is that not enough families remain here. The housing stock has been redeveloped in a manner that doesn't lend itself to young families. Many of these parents do not want to send their kids to public schools. At some point they pack up and leave. That hurts this neighborhood.
    I doubt this neighborhood will be place that families can settle down in. Except for a small number who may have the financial means or who may live in one of the few remaining family holdouts.
    I am not a big fan of what I see, but I realize change is inevitable. With change comes friction. That's just how it is.