Gaming Commission chairman removes self from consideration of Revere, Everett casinos

Stephen Crosby just announced that while he knows he's impartial despite his longstanding ties to one of the owners of the site of a proposed Everett casino, too many other people think he can't be, so he's recusing himself from any discussions or votes related to the proposed casinos at Suffolk Downs and in Everett.



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Shouldn't he just remove

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Shouldn't he just remove himself from the whole process? Between attending parties he shouldn't, taking advantage of expense accounts it shows to me not only a serious lack of judgement, but someone whose not that bright.

This is MA

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and his actions make him a perfect fit for the job.

corporate CEO's and politicians

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have a tendancy to draw things out for too long; I give him credit for doing this relatively quickly

Paging Governor Patrick...

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Shouldn't we be asking why this guy got the gig in the first place, given his pre-appointment entanglements, and post-appointment gaffes?

I'd argue that Deval's second term has been a series of epic fails. Just this month, we have DCF, the Connector debacle, and now a guy who never should have been appointed recusing himself from the decision he was appointed to make.

And how's that Marian Walsh thing working out so far?

I'm sure they are but it was

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I'm sure they are but it was no excuse for that "job" incident. It so obviously a pay off to give this person a $174k job that wasn't needing to be filled. We're not awash with money in this state, I am told.

Her landing that job is the same way Crosby landed as the head of this commission. It would be nice if this state actually put people in positions they are qualified for. Imagine what could be done. Why is this tolerated? It never changes. I'm hoping the light shed via the probation dept trial will wake some people up.

Of course not, it was

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Of course not, it was recinded. She knew, or must have known, it wasn't an honest offer but seemed to be a payback for a favor.
Again, she may be a lovely woman but thats not enough of a reason for her to have that job.