Like a barrel of Gatorade on the head, but for an airplane

First Emirates Airline flight arrives in Boston

Commercial jets arriving at Logan don't usually get greeted by three helicopters and a smaller plane flying a banner, but Logan allowed an exception for the first Emirates Airline flight into Boston this afternoon.

That's the airline that redecorated the inside of Red Line trains in red.

After the plane landed and dried off and taxied a bit more, the pilot whipped out a Massachusetts flag for the occasion, as Dan Santry shows us:

Emirates plane with Massachusetts flag



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    What hotel

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    are the flight attendants staying in? Dee-lish diverse cuties. The contrast with the battleaxes on US airlines is extreme.

    The average rating of women in Boston will be pulled up from 5.2 to 6 every time the Emirates plane lands at Logan.


    Um, dude?

    It isn't the women in Boston that are a problem.

    You are clearly the problem. If you don't even see women as human beings, and reduce women to just a visual commodity with numerical ratings, no hotel flirting with the world's most beautiful women will help that problem. They will know what kind of man you are and act accordingly.


    Pity about Emirates' poster

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    Pity about Emirates' poster campaign around Boston. Those are some of the manliest looking stewardesses around.


    Upon further reflection,

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    I think part of it is because they all have to wear the same lipstick, which matches the hat, but doesn't go with most complexions. They come off looking like angry birds.



    Well, if the airline's target audience

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    is average people who ride the Red Line, I doubt that will really matter much. Not because the stewardesses appear "too manly", but because I doubt the average Red Line rider particularly wants to fly to the Emirates.


    Competition for business travel

    I would suspect that the Red Line would have a fair number of commuters who fly internationally for business.

    Most who do have a direct say in what airlines and flights that they choose - and might find the offerings to be suitable when they book their next trip.


    The red line might also have

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    The red line might also have people now looking into traveling with this airline for vacation trips. I never considered Emirates because but now I'm interested. Effective advertising


    The Red Line

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    makeover is a welcome upgrade. I felt like I had stepped into Aladdin's magic lamp. I say thumbs up to innovative, clean and enchanting surroundings, a welcome diversion to the long delays we Red Line riders suffer.


    I Inadvertently Got On An Emirates Train Today

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    I always run from the Green Line to the Red Line at Park Street, and today I happily caught a train just in time when I reached the Park Street Under platform. The doors closed immediately, and only then did I realize I was on one of the overtly red cars advertising the airline.

    I like the colors red and blue, but this scheme is oppressive; it would be horrible on a hot summer day with the car packed with passengers. It just kept reminding me of that story describing the terrible oppressive treatment of the stewardesses by Emirates and Qatar airlines. Once I got off the train, I saw the huge creepy face staring mindlessly from the outside advertising wrap of the car.

    I also noticed the interior of the next car was decorated to advertise Icelandic Airlines. It was such a contrast; cool and calming. If I had time to choose, I surely would have chosen that car instead!