Gay bar gets closer to opening in the South End

BosGuy has been following the progress at Cathedral Station, an LGBT-centered sports bar that plans to open in May at 1222 Washington St., where the Red Fez used to be.



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I don't see how this is any

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I don't see how this is any form of news. I just want them to keep their damned cars out of those bus/bike lanes


I don't get it, why did Fritz

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I don't get it, why did Fritz name it about the Cathedral ? It is in the old Red Fez . Is it supposed to be a knock on the nearby Catheral of the Holy Cross ?


Cathedral Station

Was the name of the old Post Office that was in the George White building in front of the projects between West Dedham and Blackstone Square. It was also the name of a Boston band in the late 1980's. Could be an homage to either one.

Then again there may be a bishop's chair with a choo-choo on top of it inside of the bar.


The local post office is still called Cathedral Station,

only now it's on W. Dedham between Tremont and Shawmut.

Glad to finally see something that might attract some foot traffic into that space. The revived Red Fez was pretty good ten or twelve years ago, but the owners plainly stopped caring back around 2006; the food and drinks went all to hell. (It's a clear sign of don't-give-a-fook when an ostensibly Middle Eastern restaurant runs out of pita at 7pm on a Saturday.)

As a result, it was deader than a doornail most weeknights (lucky to get three or four parties when every other S. End restaurant was busy), and only attracted a nightclubbing crowd on weekend nights. A waste of a good space and location, including free parking when nobody else had it, and a nice patio looking onto Peters Park.

Good riddance, Red Fez. You overstayed your welcome in my Restaurant Dead Pool by a good seven years.


Agreed, I cannot wait for this to open

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(how did I miss this post?)

I cannot wait for this to open, finally another option for us gays. And it's in a new space too (well new to the gay crowd). Especially after so many gay bars have closed within the city limits in the past 10-15 years, its refreshing to see a new one open up with such flare and backing.

This place is going to be great. Parking, and a patio and a much larger space than the old Fritz. Plus they are going to serve food in a bigger kitchen. Fritz had a decent brunch, so I assume this will follow to this place along with an expanded menu. The food + club/bar combo will work well together, like dbar has, as a way to attract customers whether its day or night. (which is key during leaner times, hence Fritz's Sunday brunch)

Plus I know one of the owners personally. And knowing what I know, when this guy throws $ behind something, it's going to be good, done well, and cared much about. (which is why Fritz was successful for so many years after many gay bars started to decline)


What About Dancing?

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Bars are all well and good, but what's really needed in Boston are more places to dance. The "Cathedral" name is evocative of a large space for dancing. Will the new club have a dance floor?


Wow , poor Red Fez! You would

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Wow , poor Red Fez! You would have loved the Palm Gardens I bet. We'll , at least it was something, that area was Despair city , anchored by good old Harry The Greek , ( not sure he was really a Greek ) , and the barber school ( 50 ¢ haircuts ) . But it was better than empty lots !


It is a nod to the old Post

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It is a nod to the old Post Office called Cathedral Station. A little nod to Boston's history.

fritz, not jacque's

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Glad my friends & I will continue to have a place to watch the World Cup every few years where the audience appreciates not only a good game but deciding which player looks best in his uniform shorts.