Globe Direct experiments with new mobile version

Globe Direct to go

Mobile as in, hey, if we toss it on a car roof, that makes it mobile, right?

A Roslindale resident (who reports he wouldn't miss the city council's Globe Direct hearing for the world) reports he came home the other day to find one Globe Direct on a neighbor's car roof and another that either missed its mark or fell off somebody's roof when they drove off.

Globe Direct in the street



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Not newspapers

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Globe Direct isn't a newspaper. It's a bag full of useless flyers.

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Useless to you, perhaps.

I like getting the supermarket circulars. And the occasional coupons. Funny thing, I can't get Globe Direct to give them to me.

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I used to deliver the herald in Brighton......

For every citizen complaint (founded or unfounded) you got for your paper being late, you were docked $5. For every complaint that the paper was not near the walkway you were docked $1. I wonder if those same rules apply today.

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Doubt it...

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I've got no inside information on this, I admit. But, I'd guess the deal the deliverers agree to is something like this: "Okay, we're going to pretend that you don't actually work for us, so we're going to call you an 'independent contractor'. We'll pay you a flat fee for each week's delivery -- that way your only incentive is to finish your deliveries as quickly as possible. Therefore, you won't care who you deliver them to, and in fact you'll probably just be happy with flinging them from your moving car, perhaps in the general direction of a house. When people call us to complain, we'll say something about how we'd love to help and how we will 'work closely' with our 'contractors', but at the end of the day, alas, we don't technically employ the delivery people, and so don't blame us! Each week, you'll be required to tell us that you delivered all our bags to customers, and that way we won't technically be committing fraud when we tell our advertisers about how many people are sure to see their ads each week. Now sign here...."

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you're exactly right

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It's time for the Globe to do an investigative report on the negative impact of slimy Globe Direct practices (unsightliness, pedestrian fall risk).

They should be 10 times more strict with their own company as they are with others. If the news organization doesn't come down hard on Globe Direct, the message is that some politically-connected wealthy businessman can buy the only reputable newspaper and then basically have his way with the town.

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