Globe Direct gets a ticket in Jamaica Plain

Globe Direct mess

When a resident of Lamartine Street in Jamaica Plain complained about this Globe Direct mess, the city sprang into action:

Case Resolved. Ticket was issued on 6-6-14 by officer donovan.



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Complaints in Lynn

The Lynn City Council had two Globe reps appear at a regular meeting to answer complaints about Globe Direct delivery. They end up all over the place and as a wet mash on roads and sidewalks. If they only could be a little more careful about their method of delivery, because if this is what they have to do to keep the Globe in business, they shouldn't screw it up.

The Globe reps claimed they hadn't received complaints from any other cities, something I knew to be false because I read UHub.

But who got the ticket?

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Did they ticket Globe Direct? I was thinking the home owner would have gotten the ticket.


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I, too, would love to hear from the person who logged the complaint - who got this ticket? Because I also suspect it was the homeowner (who is probably also the complainer). Ticketing Globe Direct isn't really in the jurisdiction of Inspectional Services or whoever issues the green tickets. In which case this is an epic fail - way to go, City of Boston!

From the victim

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I am the complainant; no ticket received by me. Very gratifying--thank you, Officer Donovan!

(and thank you, adamg, love the site)

Please let us know

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How did you do it? Would love to know the. Secret. Please share!


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I didn't realize the perpetrator of the coupons and sales flyers in my mailbox was Globe Direct, but the USPS delivers it to my address. So I suppose in that respect it's doing some good: keeping the USPS in business?

Having it in my mailbox isn't the worst, it's how s/he does it: in a manner that crushes my actual mail (letters, bills, items directly addressed to me and not 'resident') which is incredibly frustrating. Putting mail into a mailbox should take some thought. You know, kind of like bagging groceries: think about placement, distribution, etc. Both jobs are a pain in the rear (I've done the grocery thing, bagging quickly and well/considerate of the customer is not easy), but take some pride in your work!

Not USPS any more

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Most, if not all, of the Globe Directs are distributed by van/car with newpaper bags (often red in color) and flung at your house in the early morning about once a week.

They changed the distribution system a few months ago. The result is instead of people disposing of it as junk mail, it's now creating a mess on the sidewalks/streets/gutters, etc.

In Waltham they still come in

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In Waltham they still come in the mail, and as the above post noted, often real mail gets stuck inside the Globe Direct flier.

I also get Globe Direct via USPS in Brookline...

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through the mail slot in my door. It subsequently sprawls out all over the floor on the inside, which, ironically, makes it easier for me to search through to make sure that no mail that I need to see was trapped inside.

Via USPS in Allston

I get it via USPS in Allston as well. No bag, either, just put through the mail slot along with the rest of the mail, so the bundle usually scatters on the floor.

Via delivery guys in Roslindale

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When we got it by USPS, at least the thing would show up in the magazine holder part of our mailbox. Then they switched to a delivery service and it was always interesting to see if it would show up on our porch, one of our shrubs or just lying there, helpless, on the sidewalk (and then came a months-long campaign to try to get them to stop delivering the damn thing altogether; fingers crossed, we haven't seen one in about 3 weeks now).

they're baaack....

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Adam, also a resident of the neighborhood.

Globe Direct started being delivered again on our street. Dropped off by a couple with a list....2 here, 3 here, only 1 here, etc. So it appears that if you request the Globe to stop delivery, eventually they will honor it.

Still USPS

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For my part of Jamaica Plain.

I don't think anyone BUT USPS is allowed a key to open our mailboxes. They're most certainly in my mailbox, not rubber-banded to the door handle or in little red bags.

Just last week it was in my mailbox.


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USPS lost some of the contracts with redplum (the company that prints the Globe Doirects). Now they just hire people to toss them on the first step or in a bush.
I was working in South Boston and I put them on the ground cause the boxes were full. A cop told me not to do that. I said what about the menus on the ground. He said they have a right to throw it on the ground and it's not littering!

Can't stope the globe direct

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I have tried for 9months to stop the deliveries in Roslindale and have concluded that it's not possible. They throw them everywhere. It's probably easier to get off the no fly list than to stop them.