Globe wins Pulitzer for coverage of Marathon bombings



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Was logging in to say just that

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Adam had it on Twitter before ANYBODY else. And an hour or two later (not to mention the ensuing days - how many hours of sleep did you even get that week, Adam?), he was still rocking the coverage, while the NYT was blathering on about the Pulitzers it had just won.

I gotta say, the first place

I gotta say, the first place I went after I heard about the bombings was to UHub. I think I had it up on a browser tab all week.

If I wanted to hear a synopsis of the latest press conference, opinion pieces, or some kind of non-news from the FBI, I could check out the Globe. If I wanted to know what was going on in the neighborhoods (and this was key during the lockdown) I was on UHub. Great job, Adam.

Aw, thanks!

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But the Globe did do kind of a good job and all.. No, I didn't get much sleep that week :-).