Send The Message "Massachusetts Ain't Playin' Around"

Some folks are pissed off at me for writing and posting this on various social media.

No (4 major) newspapers have published it as my reader opinion.
I don't know why not.

I think Massachusetts State Government and Law Enforcement Agencies should get together and get funding to increase activity by the State Police, ATF, etc., to deter some, if not all Illegally Purchased Unlicensed, and Smuggled Weapons coming into the State.

Check Points, random screening for weapons at Bus Terminals, Train Stations, Airfields, Shipyards, and Van Shuttles that come from areas where guns/drugs are known to be smuggled into MA. For example: FL, NY, CT, RI, etc. to MA.

It can be done-so much at a time. I see no excuse not to, it does not take much extra police training or new/special equipment for illegally owned weapon searches.

When the word gets out that "Massachusetts ain't playing around anymore," gangbangers and gun smugglers won't be so quick to do business in our State.

It can be done. The funding is there, if the Governor and others work to get it.

Honest people should have no problem with the ATF and other Law Enforcement being present.


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I think the problem that many people have with this is called the Fourth Amendment?


Extreme measures for bad times

Extreme measures for bad times. Too much gun violence by idiots not caring who they rob, maim or kill. Criminals-Gun smugglers, gangbangers don't deserve any amendment rights. They deserve the right to be arrested, prosecuted, to stop ruining our neighborhoods, cities, and state.


Extreme measures tend to not

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Extreme measures tend to not go away after the problem is solved, as those with power are never keen to yield it.

Have you not thought of the negative economic impact on tourism, finance, and business that these 'Papers Please' Gestapo-style checkpoints would cause?