Going up

Rebar at Filenes project

The Downtown Boston BID offers this photo of the rebah and stuff at the Filenes tower project, which is actually happening this time.



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    Cookin' With Gas

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    The contractor really is cooking with gas on this project. Every week I go down there there's something new going on down there. Looks like the Burnham Building will be open by the year's end at the rate they are going. (the glass tower will follow in a year or two)

    I can't determine from the website because its pre-leasing, but does anyone know if the Roche Brother's is going into the Burnham Building or will be the anchor retail tenant in the new building.

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    Roche Brother's

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    I am close to the project and I can confirm that the Roche Bros. is going into the basement of the Burnham Building and will expand into the new building as well when it is complete.

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    The closest grocery options to that area are pretty scattered. So glad this will be here!

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    It would be nice

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    to pick up a pot roast, Spic & Span and a 24 pack of Poland Springs on the way to the office.

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    A lot of people are. Myself included. I have a feeling this store is going to be a bigger success than the Shaw's Pru. Its all about location location and location with this.. Its on top of two subway lines (and a block to two others), its not just going to serve the residents of the area, but a hellva alot of commuters/day workers too.

    I can see myself stopping on my way home from work just to run in and get a few things. Yeah I live walking distance to the Chelsea Market Basket, but this is far easier for just a few things. It's just a few more stops on whatever subway line to DTX, walk up the stairs and into the store. It doesn't get any easier than this.

    (What took boston so long?)

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    I like to buy my lunch food in the city

    That's what I will likely get most of the time - the sorts of things that I totally overload a hubway with when I can find the time to go to Trader Joe's or Foodies or buy at the Farmer's Market those few weeks of the year that it is open. Greens and veggies, yogurt, cheese, etc. It can be a pain in the arse to haul this stuff in in panniers or on the T or even by car when it takes time, space, weight, and refrigeration in the summer.

    My coworkers are similarly enthusiastic about being able to head to a full grocery at lunch time.

    The idea isn't to do my home shopping here (although I will grab a thing or two if it means being able to make a particular dinner that night), but to get my lunch and breakfast food here.

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    I like to buy

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    motor oil and spark plugs in the City. Why can't they put an AutoZone in here?

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    Supply and demand

    You are more than free to open up an auto parts store downtown. Nobody is stopping you.

    Of course, you need customers to be viable. I would suspect that the people who are moving into those condos and apartments downtown, in addition to the college students and office workers, are more interested in the grocery story opening, though.

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    As much as I'm happy about a

    As much as I'm happy about a downtown grocery store, I'll admit to being a little bit depressed that DTC will be anchored by a grocery store. I guess it shows you how far Washington Street has fallen.

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    I think it's a good thing

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    I think its a good thing. Roche Bros is a chain that is still locally owned and operated. They are small in size (they only have 18 stores). Plus they run a well run and maintained store that will attract the daily foot traffic that DTX so desperately needs to jump start the upswing in the area.

    Also keep in mind DTX is changing its more residential, a grocery store would be far better suited and would do well (no competition) in that area.

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    MBTA is putting out a bid to have a sewer line from the Burnham Building replaced, and relocating/separating out a CSO sewer line that runs through Downtown Crossing. The project is Phase I of a Downtown Crossing improvement project, including provisions for Phase II, which will entail adding new elevators to the station.

    As to why the MBTA is paying for Millenium Partner's sewer line, I can only theorize thus: the building and it's sewer line predated the station, BERy struck a deal with the building's owner to assume ownership of the sewer in exchange for being able to relocate the line in order to build the station, and this ownership was passed down to the MTA and then the MBTA, which is now on the hook as the building is renovated and expanded.

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    BosUrbEx - you've got it up to a point: the sewer isn't Millenium Partners - that sewer running through the basement of the Burnham building is the one being relocated and it's actually the Boston Water and Sewer Commission's. The T is paying to relocate because it conflicts with the proposed location of one of the sets of elevators.

    As for Millenium's sewer line, are you referring to the sewer service? I'm not familiar with any work being done by the T on the buildings sewer service, but it wouldn't surprise me if the T did it both as a favor to Millenium for allowing them to bring another contractor in to relocate the large sewer, and because they're awfully particular about who does work within thier stations (the sewer the Burnham building ties into runs below the platform in the Orange line station). It would very much surprise me if the T had assumed ownership of it at any point in the past though, it'd be pretty unconventional for some other entity to own your sewer service.

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    It's great to finally see

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    It's great to finally see this get going - but when is someone going to do something with the old Barnes and Noble building across from where the new building will be? Seems like its been shuttered for close to 10 years now.

    Also, I'm curious - last time I was looking into the site there were two or three front-loaders/back-hoes/steam-shovels down there. I kept asking myself 'how are they going to get them out of there?' I kind of thought they would stay down there until some kind of ramp leading back out to street level was built. And how do cranes that big go up seemingly overnight? It amazes me.

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    When did Filene's close?

    When did Filene's close? 2005? 2006? Remember when Menino tried to get Filene's to relocate into the closed B&N store? At least what was reported at the time was that the landlord wouldn't budge on some insane lease terms. It's likely that a relocated FB would have closed long ago anyway, due to the economy, but it would have filled that storefront for at least a couple of years.

    I'm betting that the landlord is now holding out for a completed development across the street before seriously seeking a tenant.

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