Golden opportunity for the Bruins tonight

Golden hydrant

Adam Castiglioni spotted this hydrant in the North End today.



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Who Painted it?

Not to be a party pooper but isn't the color of Fire Hydrants important to tell the FD what type of water flow to expect? Given the recent fire on Beacon St you'd think the fire department might be sensitive to this sort of thing.

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I know who painted it

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It's been like that for a few years. Person who did it is friends with a lot of the firefighters in the North End.

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Yes, but sort of.

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The color pattern does indicate whether the hydrant is a high pressure hydrant or a regular one. However, high pressure hydrants don't have the large 4.5" connection seen in the photo. I would be more concerned that the caps might be painted shut. Anyway, if the hasn't been repainted before then, hydrant inspections take place in the fall and it will be reported to BWSC.

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White paint

White paint on a cap is used to denote one that's out of service. Gold hydrants denote a 'golden hydrant', one which can be depended on to bring us a Stanl---oh.

Back to black, I guess.

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how long

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How long until a tricked out Benz parks in front of it?

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This is going in

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..Fire Hydrant Friday.

As a link of course. Old Galien Mapes will be psyched.

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Whomever vandalized that fire hydrant should be arrested. This is no different than some graffiti punk tagging public property. Oh wait, it's all done in the name of yet another Boston sporting event so the City and police will just look the other way. Hypocrites. I'd love to see the gays paint a hydrant 'rainbow' next time the pride parade rolls into town.

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