Good news for East Boston donut fans

Betty Ann Food Shop in East Boston open again

JK reports that the Betty Ann Food Shop, which closed more than a year ago due to "medical reasons," re-opened this morning at its 565 Bennington St. location. Donuts only, initially.



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Actually they reopened Tuesday. Yum.

I drive by this place every

I drive by this place every morning on my way to work and noticed the gathering crowds as I pass shortly before 7. I've only lived on this side of the harbor for about 4 years. Never been. Can anybody clue me in on what I'm missing?



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Solid donuts, though wouldn't put them at the top of my list (they only make one flavor).

Lived in East Boston forever,

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Lived in East Boston forever, never once I ever walked in the Betty Ann doughnut shoppe, I'll stop by one of these days and buy a doughnut or two, but I do remember the My donut shop, remember the orange and white retro decor, orange colored vinyl padded swivel seats, the aroma was heavinly at the my donut, rembember as a kid walking in my donut the donuts you ordered would be placed in a white box, then they would tie it with string, the string would be the handle for the box.Today these mom and pop stores disappeared, replaced by cookie cutter places like dunkin donuts, and subway.

I remember My Donut

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I remember My Donut in Central Square, East Boston. One of the last of the old fashioned donut shops aroound. A bit different than Betty Ann which is strictly a bakery where one buys donuts but does not eat them in the establishment itself. I believe the My Donut location is a Brazilian restaurant now.

Not all gone

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Today these mom and pop stores disappeared, replaced by cookie cutter places like dunkin donuts, and subway.

Not sure what Subway has to do with donuts, but there's still a fair number of mom&pop's places in Boston that do donuts - just in our neighborhood I can think of three off the top of my head (Diane's, Anna's and Mike's). And there's at least a half dozen places downtown that make fresh donuts too. (I agree that we could do with fewer Dunk's though).

And I will beg your pardon in advance for this bit of snark, but it seems a bit hypocritical to bemoan the loss of mom&pop donuts, in the same post where you admit to living 'forever' in the same neighborhood as the one in question - but never having stopped in. I'm willing to bet that you stepped foot in a Dunk's during that time.