Good news for people who can't get enough Braude and Eagan

WGBH says it's expanding their Boston Public Radio show from two to three hours a day, starting in September.



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    2 insufferable liberals. I'm

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    2 insufferable liberals. I'm surprised they can stand to be in the same studio together for 2 hours, let alone 3. What a snoozefest their show is.


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    It's not like you couldn't take your pick of insufferable conservatives all over the rest of the radio dial.

    Liberals watch Fox News all the time

    We find it useful and entertaining to learn what gullible idiots take for reality. Hey, is that really Oliver North criticizing the President for cutting an illegal deal with terrorists? Amazing! It's like The Onion, except the target audience is too thick-witted to recognize the inherent satire.

    I don't understand why

    I don't understand why someone would partake in an activity they fundamentally disagree with other than to be a smug arse about it. This type of attitude breeds the "all of them are like this" attitude.

    It's pretty simple, really: Fox News accounts in great

    part for the fact that half the country is so utterly, tragically misinformed on basic issues of science and public policy. It has debased a former public service that is crucial to the proper functioning of a democracy and turned it into a spittle-flecked, hate-spewing, fear-mongering propaganda wing of the Republican Party.

    If you really believe that a well-informed public is crucial to the efficacy of the American experiment, you need to know what lies and misinformation they are spreading on a daily basis so you can counter with rational, fact-based reality. The mockery I reserve for the putzes who know that Fox is feeding them a steady diet of lies and bigotry, and willingly gobble it up anyway.

    What explains the fact that

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    What explains the fact that being a fiscal conservative, as I am, am constantly being accused of being a "Faux News" watcher when it couldn't be further from the truth. ( I especially love the Faux vs Fox - very clever\)
    I don't watch Fox, CNN or MSNBC or any heavily opinionated show since their crap but am amazed that when someone disagrees with a point of view, they immediately fall into the "Faux News" argument.
    It's silly, stupid and makes the person look foolish. Nowadays it's the classic "you are disagreeing with me so that must mean you watch a certain tv channel". I always chuckle when that gets thrown back at me but its a shame because there is no longer a discussion.

    I'm guessing differing opinions are not as acceptable today as they were even 15 years ago.

    I'm happy to entertain differing viewpoints that

    are backed up by facts and data from reliable sources. The issue with trying to hold a rational discussion with many conservatives today is that they live in a hermetic bubble of right-wing propaganda, can't support an argument without resorting to citations from obvious, self-admitted liars, charlatans, and horseshit peddlers like Drudge, Breitbart, the Daily Caller, NewsMax, the Washington Times, TheBlaze, etc. Show me your media sources, and I'll tell you who you are. If you aren't consuming a broad range of media from across the political spectrum and around the globe, you are almost certainly fatally misinformed.

    The worst of the worst to me are the science deniers, people who simply can't grasp the scientific method and how peer-reviewed research moves scientific theories forward. Chances are if you believe in a global conspiracy of scientists with a political agenda or profit motive, you are the dupe of some analog to Tobacco Science, which these days is most likely the extraction industries that are trying to cast doubt on climate science to protect their profits. Fox News is just convenient shorthand for the flood of right-wing news outlets, think tanks, and academics who twist reality as a matter of course to support an extreme political agenda. They are a pox on democracy.

    The same can be said for just

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    The same can be said for just about anyone now a days. People cite TPM or MotherJones - say what?
    "horseshit peddlers like Drudge, Breitbart, the Daily Caller, NewsMax, the Washington Times, TheBlaze, etc. Show me your media sources, and I'll tell you who you are" - see as someone who is independent, fiscally conservative, socially liberal - this line tells me all I need to know about your pov, you seem just as hard core left as someone who cites O'Reilly would be hard core right, but you don't see it at all. In your sentence, you fail to mention MSNBC, Media Matters, TPM or any of the left wing shillers.

    I don't need you to tell me who I am. Why should I? Who are you to decide? Each have their own perspectives and points of view. Just to shout someone down because they don't agree is what is becoming the norm.
    The idea that you decide is absurd.

    what did I say was "right

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    what did I say was "right wing".
    I am merely saying that opposing view are less welcome today than even 15 years ago. And when many people are met with an opposing view, "Fox News" comes out.

    Jeez man, take a breather will ya? Right wing boogie men are not out to get you, ok?

    Mother Jones and TPM pretty

    Mother Jones and TPM pretty much aggregate news that has appeared in other sources. They put a leftist spin on it but they don't generally report lies as facts.

    Let me clarify that little qualifier I use

    More succinctly: "Show me your media sources, and I will know everything I need to about your critical thinking skills, grasp of basic science, and ability to judge quality sources of information. Based on that, I can determine whether you are worth engaging in a rational discussion or not."

    You are correct: citing a source like Media Matters is not going to convince anyone who doesn't see the value in putting the factual boot to Fox News' endless stream of rightie propaganda, day in and day out. I'll repeat my prior point: If you aren't consuming a broad range of media from across the political spectrum and around the globe, you are almost certainly fatally misinformed.

    That said, you can't just consume everything indiscriminately: you have to be able to distinguish a news outlet that looks at matters of opinion through a liberal lens, and one that engages in deliberate distortion and falsification of facts to make points it could not make with the actual facts.

    So this little qualifier is not really about you, but about me figuring out who's an utter waste of time. I have rational, thoughtful, science-literate conservative friends, but they are about as scarce as rainbow unicorns in most online forums.

    Eagen Braude WGBH

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    Giggles and the Dukakoid, their 96.9 FM show was unlistenable
    the GBH gig is unlistenable squared