Good thing there's a bar at South Station

The T just sent out the following alert for South Station commuter-rail riders:

Expect significant delays in the PM commute after incident impeding tracks.

Might be due to a train that kind of derailed after a collision in the yard south of the station.



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BTW the TiTS in South Station

BTW the TiTS in South Station is actually pretty great. I hate the franchise otherwise but that little setup has a ton of good beers and a decent selection of apps.

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Tavern is a nice operation

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I'm not familiar with the chain nth the South Station location is often a pleasant oasis on the commute home.
Shout out to the manager Doug too!

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By on says its heat related.

edit: maybe not.. it just changed

Adam, can you provide a link to your source? I'd like to send it out to my employees who use South Station

Edit: again, it changed again. Come on MBTA...

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Words you will NOT find

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in the MBTA's expensive "fill in the blanks" alert system:




(Any variety of) Crime

But what do you expect from a system that can't even say "X on or near schedule" when a problem has been cleared? Instead, they give an ambigious "All Clear: Delay (or Suspension) Ended" and then force you to re-read the original alert before you can determine if it applies to your line or not.

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What's that sound? oh its just roadman complaining about the T's alert system again.

We get it. You think its useless. Noted for the umpteenth time but most do not share that opinion.. Thanks for sharing yet again.

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Right. Because

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stating "All Clear Delay Ended" followed by "The delay described below has ended" followed by a regurgitation of the original alert (which may go on for two or three paragraphs) is much more consise and easier for people to read than just stating "X Line service now on or near schedule" (which they USED to do) is.

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Dude, I'm with him.

What "most"? Not sure if you take the Commuter Rail, but the alerts for it are never timely- to the point that I get notifications only long after they would've been useful. Like, 30 minutes to an hour after the train was supposed to leave, or in a lot of cases, after the delay has passed.

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Couple of issues

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The heat delays are just on the Worcester Line (remember when the state bought the tracks and said that would end the heat delays imposed by CSX?).

The real problem is in the yard south of the station, where an Amtrak train and an MBTA train showed what happens when two trains love each other very much.

This is the original T alert that sent me racing to my keyboard.

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"incident impeding tracks"

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And we have a winner for "understatement of the day" award.

On a more serious note, unless the Amtrak train that derailed due to the collision is blocking access to the adjacent tracks (which doesn't seem to be the case based on the aerial photos I see), there shouldn't be a problem. Leave the equipment where it is and conduct (no pun intended) your investigations after tonight's rush hour.

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And that doesn't look like

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it happened in the maintenance yard either - more like the mainline between South Station and Back Bay.

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Its the tracks between the

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Its the tracks between the Southampton storage yard and South Station, next to the Red Line yard.

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for the clarification.

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