Goose crossing

Geese in the Charles

JB Parrett watched as a gaggle of goslings made their way along the Charles today.



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      Grammar 101

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      GEESE... Plural.

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      You say tomato, I'll say tomahto

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      Adam says goslings, Alonzo says geese. But what if it was a several sets of geese? Would that be geeses? And if the geeses were followed by several sets of mice would that be meeses? Or would meeses be a series of mooses?

      I see it. Mooses following meeses following geeses. It all makes senses and it would make for quite the census.

      English is tough.

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      But 'crossing' as a noun is

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      But 'crossing' as a noun is singular.

      So 'goose crossing,' like 'pedestrian crossing' or 'train crossing,' is correct.

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      The collective is

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      Gaggle, which could be applied to either geese or goslings, which would be the majority of the gaggle.

      Should collective nouns be singular or plural? In the U.S. I believe is the former, while in the U.K. it is the latter.

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      Eagle Snacks

      A couple of years back, I kayaked around a bunch of ducklings in flotilla formation. Suddenly, they all dove as the resident Bald Eagle came bombing down at them.

      I didn't count them beforehand, so I don't know if it was a successful raid.

      Happy for the geese child care center, there doesn't seem to be a resident eagle on that stretch of the Charles.

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      i counted 27

      seems like a lot. is that normal? and i am pretty the plural of gosling is not geesling, so gaggle of goslings

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      About 5-8 per nest is typical

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      About 5-8 per nest is typical but often different sets of parent geese will combine broods, which must have happened here. I count 32, by the way.

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      It's known as a "Crèche". A

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      It's known as a "Crèche". A goose version of kindergarten or daycare.

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