Government to seek death penalty for Tsarnaev

Federal prosecutors today filed a "notice of intent" that they will seek the death penalty for the still living Tsarnaev brother if he is found guilty of murdering three people and injuring more than 200 others at the Marathon finish line last April - and then murdering an MIT police officer in his escape attempt.

The United States will seek the sentence of death for these offenses: Conspiracy to Use A Weapon of Mass Destruction Resulting in Death; Use of A Weapon of Mass Destruction Resulting in Death; Possession and Use of a Firearm During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence Resulting in Death; Conspiracy to Bomb a Place of Public Use Resulting in Death; Bombing of a Place of Public Use Resulting in Death; and Malicious Destruction of Property Resulting in Personal Injury and Death. ...

DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV intentionally killed Krystle Marie Campbell (Counts One, Two, Three, Six, Seven, Eight, Twelve, and Thirteen), Martin Richard (Counts One, Four, Five, Six, Nine, Ten, Fourteen, and Fifteen), Lingzi Lu (Counts One, Four, Five, Six, Nine, Ten, Fourteen, and Fifteen), and Officer Sean Collier (Counts One, Six, Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen). 18 U.S.C. § 3591(a)(2)(A). ...



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    Oh how wonderful

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    Let's take an isolated loser with a pressure cooker and turn him into a martyr for more losers to idolize and emulate.

    Real smart.

    Here's a better idea: life sentence in Guantanamo as the only prisoner.


    Good for Eric Holder!

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    Good for Eric Holder. If ever an atrocity called for the death penalty, it's the Islamic terrorist murders at and after the Boston Marathon. Now let's hope it's carried out as quickly as it was for Timothy McVeigh. Plenty will "emulate" him regardless. They can be put down too.


    I don't understand how that

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    I don't understand how that is considered punishment. I'd gladly take the death penalty over the next 60 or so years in isolation any day...



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    I would rather live for the next 60 years than be dead.

    So there's another fine debate you've gotten me into Ollie.

    You would rather live in

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    You would rather live in complete isolation from the rest of the world, only let out of your tiny cell an hour a day, no windows to the outside world, concrete bed, meals in your cell, barely any contact with any other human beings for 60 years?

    This is all you would know for the rest of your long life:

    No matter what, this is cell is the only thing he'll know from now until the day he dies, and if it were me, I'd much rather it be sooner rather than later. If he was just heading to general population after his trail I'd see the justification for not wanting to receive the death penalty, but in this case I would be praying for the maximum penalty if I were in his shoes.

    re Living

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    Being a prisoner of the state isn't exactly a life worth living for most. Especially after capital offenses like this guy did.

    I guess we already forgot his plan was to be a martyr, to die one way or another. You don’t feel like the state is playing into his hand by fulfilling this wish?


    it's odd how you rail against

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    it's odd how you rail against the government and claim it is inept to handle many of the facets of our daily life, yet you trust that same government to determine who shall live and who shall die, and gladly give the government authority to execute citizens that it thinks are deserving.


    End the death penalty

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    I will not shed a a single tear when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dies - weather it be by natural causes, murder, or state-sanctioned murder/execution.

    However, the death penalty is barbaric and more fitting for countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, not for developed western countries such as the US. Hardly any other developed Western Nation utilizes the death penalty. It's time for the US to get right on the issue of killing its own citizens.


    Bad Call

    I wouldn't kill him as that's exactly what he wants. I want him to sit in prison for the rest of his life while Boston and America moves on. I want him to spend the next 60 years watching the world go by and to have him think of all he could have done if he hadn't been so stupid and hurtful. I want him depressed to find that no one cares about his cause -- he wasted his life for nothing. I want any would-be terrorist to look him up on wikipedia in 40 years only to find him sitting in the same jail with no one remembering why he did what he did.

    In short, I want him to be tortured. Sitting in a solitary confinement for 60 years is torture. Being killed painlessly is not something he wanted for his victims so why should we want it for him.


    What I find disturbing amongst

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    all the bloodlust over this loser is the fact that the United States commits the same atrocity on a regular basis through our drone programs in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Where is the outrage for the children whose legs our country blows off in the name of "freedom"?

    Me, I still can't believe people let themselves be outraged over magazine covers that look like ours now. Talk about stupid.



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    Did you just say the US commits the same atrocities that were committed on Marathon Monday last year?

    That's the reason we shouldn't punish this piece of crap?

    The US military kills people so murderers should be allowed to blow people apart during the Boston Marathon?

    You can be against the death penalty but that comparison is a bit out there.

    I said it at the time and I

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    I said it at the time and I stand by it now, you can't fight a war on terror for 10 plus years and not expect the terrorists to fight back every once in a while. I understand he needs to be punished, but people shouldn't act surprised when people try to fight back against America, as the military that represents us commits far greater atrocities regularly.

    As sad as it is that people you may know or are able to relate to died, where was all the outrage when the US military "accidentally" shot a 4 year old two weeks ago? Where's his families One Fund?

    Too many Americans live in a keeping up with the kardashians bubble and fail to realize that many throughout the world consider our country and military to be the biggest and most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.


    It's not easy for me to say this

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    But somehow, somewhere inside me I'm glad at this outcome. I'm guessing that it's just some stupid lawyer trick, something to bargain up from for both sides. But nonetheless, I find some satisfaction in the idea that the miserable little shit has to spend the next few months with this hanging over his head. I hope he wakes up and lives with this possibility during long, dark nights to come.


    A list of some people serving life without parole

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    • John Gotti
    • Unabomber
    • Eric Rudolph (Olympics bomber)
    • Times Square Bomber
    • Malvo (the DC Sniper helper)
    • Terry Nichols (McVeigh's #2)

    I'm supposed to believe that what Tsarnaev did is worse than being among those names?

    EDIT: title used to say "currently serving" but that was incorrect and is now fixed


    Why would you want to live your life in prison?

    Who wants to spend the rest of their life in prison? Especially if you're as young as this guy? There is NO joy in that, nothing enriching and enlightening -- just an instinct to survive. But if there is nothing to survive for, why do it? Life in prison will eat at him.


    I'd much rather face what ever comes next then sit in a cell facing the wall for the rest of my life. I have to believe Tsarnaev expected to have been killed in a battle with the police or with the death penalty and be rewarded with whatever his brother had promised him. (Or he was really delusional and expected not to be caught.)

    I wouldn't sit and face a wall......

    I would read, get some exercise every day, watch some TV or maybe even movies if they allow internet access in the cells, play some cards. There are probably thousands of people on this planet that live worse lives than American prisoners.

    I'm not saying it's great life, or even an average life, and it is coming from a mindset that I know I didn't commit any crimes, but I would much rather face jail than be killed.


    We are differant, I guess

    It's rare but sometimes people in horrible conditions manage to escape those conditions and make a better life for themselves. The same isn't true for life in jail.

    Short of a jail break, you'd never be able to move beyond solitaire, push-ups, and reading whatever might get thrown your way for the rest of your life. For me, I'd just want it to be over now.

    If he honestly believes he did right by God and will be rewarded after death, presumably he'd rather not wait long for death.

    You have hope that the rules will change too.

    You never know if they rule that solitary cells constitute "cruel and unusual punishment" someday.

    When your dead, your dead, nothing is going to chage then. Unless you believe in god and heaven, and you probably won't be going there anyway.


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    Whereas I spend a lot of time thinking about what I would choose for my last meal if I happened to commit capital murder in one of those death penalty states. I have a long list of possibles.

    Good point

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    I will have to update the Wikipedia page I got the list from.


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    Maybe get info from other sources.

    Wikipedia sheesh.

    Does anyone bother to see where THAT info comes from?


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    I went back to edit it and it turns out it didn't say "current", but my brain read/added that in when I saw the list. Next to Gotti's name in that section of Wikipedia, it mentions that he died of cancer.

    So, THAT info was accurate. The problem was in my recollection of it while typing it here, smart guy.

    To put your list into

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    To put your list into perspective, Whitey Bulger did not get the death penalty as well as those on your list. He terrorized Boston for 30 years.


    Weapons of mass destruction?

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    Momentarily sidestepping the discussion about the efficacy of the death penalty: that's quite a laundry list of charges. I'm guessing Holder only put the one about "weapon of mass destruction" in there to help the feds push for the death penalty. Which is not only an unbelievably shitty and cowardly thing to do (the sort of thing you do when you don't think you're a good enough prosecutor that you can convince a jury to sentence this guy to death based on three murders (one of them a cop!) and hundreds of gruesome injuries), but also kicks a big ol' hornet's nest by once again revealing that the country has no idea what it's talking about when it uses fancy words like "weapons of mass destruction."

    Fun fact: if low-yield anti-personnel explosives are WMDs, every uniformed US soldier is a terrorist!


    I'm really happy UHub is

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    I'm really happy UHub is capable of making every single post about the bike vs. car debate. It's like the UHub version of Godwin's law.


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    Fun fact: if low-yield anti-personnel explosives are WMDs, every uniformed US soldier is a terrorist!

    Actually, they are!

    Then legal definition is quite different than that of the media and movies.

    I think there was a reason he

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    I think there was a reason he didn't kill himself that night.. He is afraid to die after all