Governor: No current plans for MBTA shutdown, Logan will stay open

Gov. Patrick says the state is not currently looking at shutting the MBTA like it did in last February's blizzard, because the snowfall is nowhere near as great.

Still, at the same noon press conference, state Transportation Secretary Rich Davey acknowledged that "the cold usually has significant impact on the MBTA," so any riders tomorrow might have to brace for possible issues.

Both added they could revisit the decision to keep the T running as conditions change later today.

Davey said that Logan is not closing tonight, but that many flights will likely be cancelled tonight and tomorrow.

Patrick said that with "very dangerous" wind chills of -25 degrees in some parts, we should try to minimize time outside, beware of hypothermia and check in with elderly neighbors and relatives to see if they need help.

He said residents should make sure they have emergency supplies on hand in case the power goes out - including a mechanical can opener.

And he added that anybody who starts up a car should make sure the exhaust is completely clear, to avoid a repeat of last year's exhaust-related disasters.



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Yeah. I mean, let's keep the airport going just so we can say we didn't shut down. Seems safe and reasonable...