Gridlock on Storrow Drive as dumbass wedges truck under bridge

Near Mass. General, inbound, around 2:30 p.m.



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Alright this has gone beyond

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Alright this has gone beyond ridiculous. What kind of signage do they have out there? Are these drivers really that dumb?

Twitterers are pretty dumb, too

I love how the comments are about "students students students".

Look up the damn phone number on the Storrowed truck. That truck belongs to a building contract company in Lakeville and Seekonk.

NOT STUDENTS! Just a standard-issue Masshole. Really - is that so hard?

This is fucking ridiculous.

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This can't happen EVERY DAY without the state making any change to improve the situation.

Look at this:
(not my photo)

I was just in Salt Lake City, which has a "cars only" Legacy Parkway. EVERY exit sign has a picture of a truck circled by red LEDs with a slash through the truck. Even in desert sun, you can see the red LEDs a half mile away. There are about four of these signs in sequence for each exit onto Legacy Parkway.

There are bigger, clearer signs on the side of the road:
Tell me THAT isn't clear!

I grew up in New York City, which has a complex parkway system. The signs there say NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, which seems a lot more effective.

In these other places, signage is posted *leading up to* the highway in question. Having "CARS OLNY" (yes, "CARS OLNY") hanging above the on-ramp itself is clearly ineffective.

Yes, drivers bear total responsibility. But the cost to life, limb, property, traffic, and quality of life seems a bit high.

The signs are there

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At both Berkeley Street and at the Arlington Street entrance at Mt. Vernon Street (one may turn onto Mt. Vernon from the entrance) have the signs with a truck with a red circle/slash and "no trucks/no buses" underneath, in addition to the height signs. There's nothing hidden. And judging from examples given on this website of these things repeatedly happening from Durham, North Carolina to Sydney Australia. We've tried flashing signs. We've hung things up. At the end of the day the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can say they've done things to keep vehicles from being Storrowed.

I'm sorry, if a truck or bus misses the signs that give the height, which would be at about eye level, it is the fault of the driver.


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So, when a semi-truck drivers hits a cyclists, is it the cyclists fault? You make no sense! If you can't obey the rules of the road, read signs and drive accordingly, then you have no business driving one of these 2-ton trucks! Thousands of other vehicles every day are able to drive without crashing into anyone or anything. It's not that damn difficult. Pay attention! We're not aiming for the lowest common denominator here... well maybe you are.

The main reasons Legacy Pkwy

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The main reasons Legacy Pkwy has illuminated signs are:
1) the restriction is temporary. It can be (and is) lifted if there is an issue on the parallel stretch of I-15, and it will expire in 2020, under state law.
2) the restriction arose out of a lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club over construction (sounds familiar, no?) and is purely a legal issue. As such the state was obligated to go over-the-top in signing the restriction so as to avoid violating the terms of their settlement. Trucks have no physical inability to use the road like they do in Boston, so there is a lot more incentive for them to. Just like all drivers ignore silly restrictions that are based on laws not engineering, the same applies here.
3) Legacy Pkwy is owned and maintained by the state DOT, and fully integrated with the state highway system, while Storrow is a DCR road. DCR doesn't follow federal or state signing standards, largely because it is technically a park road, and large freeway signs that have room for things like illuminated no trucks symbols would either not fit or would look very out of place.
4) UT roads are newer and they have a lot more money and resources to spend on them, along with a comprehensive knowledge and documentation of where and what everything is, and an overall plan for it, which is something we unfortunately lack here in Mass.

Storrow isn't technically a

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Storrow isn't technically a park road.

It has plenty of big signs.

And Massachusetts spends plenty on roads. But not effectively.

Well you take

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..decades of Cellucci, Swift, Mittins Romney and whatever other GOP neocon hacks I missed in the Gov seat.

Add a run of hilariously venal, vicious and crooked Democratic urban machine pols steeped in weapons grade nepotism with a line of whoyaknows running back to the J M Curley era.

Sprinkle in a zest of affluent suburban limousine liberals and generally ditzy putzes who mainly want to get along and look the other way when their urban colleagues are walking with the silverware.

Run this through the acrid discontent of a skeptical electorate well marbled with fairy tale beliefs in something for nothing as if making ceviche.

And before you know it, the bile rises to drown all else and you have the sullen, jealous and disgruntled politic of our time served forth by overpaid bomb tossers at the herald and mealy mouth buffoons at the globe.

Just Sayin'.

Good thing ...

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he didn't make it to East Boston, where he could have done some real damage .