Grim reaper claims another train, riders continue to feel the pain

An inbound Red Line train refused to go past its expiration date at Wollaston, causing what the T called "moderate" delays at the start of rush hour this morning. Or as Sara put it:

Been waiting over 20 min for a train at #wollaston. #commute #freezing

UPDATE, 9 a.m. Another Red Line train saw a bright white light, this time at Harvard, and immediately caused what the T calls "severe" delays. Signal problems at Boylston plunged Green Line riders into a snail-like existence.

UPDATE, 9:20 a.m. Green Line train taken out of service at Packard's Corner due to brake problems.



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North Quincy

I moved out of Port Norfolk specifically because North Quincy in the winter with delays is the closest thing possible to hell frozen over. I feel bad for everyone on those platforms even though they used to be my worst enemies.

Ode to the T

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When our morning commutes are causing pain we must abstain from riding the train because this refrain makes us insane.
So call a crane , attache a chain and give me some Tylenol for my brain.
I'll walk to work . I'll move to Maine. I'll ride a horse just like John Wayne.
We must complain. We feel disdain. The way they treat us in inhumane.
So give me a club. Give me a cane.Getting ready to open a vein.
Sorry officer, don't restrain. I didn't mean to be profane.

The Green Line delays

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have been excarbated by the fact that, to maintan their "on time" numbers, most North Station trains are being short-turned at Government Center. Which only serves to excerbate the delays for people trying to get into downtown from east of Government Center.


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3 strikes yer out son...make that next swing count.
(fat fingers?)

Red Line

The Red Line is literally a joke. I really don't understand how anyone can rely on it. If I lived anywhere along the Red Line, I would honestly look into to moving immediately. It might be nice in 2020 if the new cars are running by then.

I recently moved to North

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I recently moved to North Quincy from Brighton because I snagged a place with really cheap rent. Even though I'm way closer to work now (on the SL2) I usually get there way late because disabled trains are a near daily occurrence in the morning. :|

Not the green line was much better in terms of reliability, but damn it seemed so much better in hindsight. I'm looking to move back.

Oak Grove

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In Orange line news, for the past two weeks the left-hand platform has been blocked off at Oak Grove after months of work renovating both platforms. The T is only running one track in and out of Oak Grove. Anyone know the reason why?

New egress

They're building a new egress at the northern end.

However, rumor is, it is emergency ONLY. I hate when the MBTA makes exits that are good for emergencies only. It's a bit silly.

They are putting a new

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They are putting a new emergency exit end at the north end of the platform. Part of the same contract for rebuilding the platform, they had to pause for winter.