Group proposes mixed-use development for Roxbury Crossing

Proposed Mission Hill project

Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services says an unused former MBTA parcel across Tremont Street from the Roxbury Crossing T stop would make a great place for 88 apartments, a 160-foot-high office building and retail space.

In a filing with the BRA this week, the group formally proposed a 306,000-square foot development for the land, known as Parcel 25, bounded by Tremont, Gurney and Station streets and the Orange Line. The proposal also calls for 201 parking spaces, most in an underground garage.

The Proposed Project for these long-vacant and blighted parcels is based on the Mission Hill community’s vision that grew out of the multi-year comprehensive participatory planning process for the site and surrounds, organized and led by Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services and involving hundreds of neighborhood residents, businesses, and area stakeholders, institutional neighbors and elected officials. The program will reestablish Roxbury Crossing as lively transit-oriented site where people once again live, work, shop and recreate.

The group estimates construction will take five years in three phases.

Parcel 25 documents.



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    Why so much parking?!

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    Why so much parking?!

    Transit oriented development? It has more parking than some malls!

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    office space

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    i believe there is a ton of office space attached to the track side of the development.
    maybe the parking is the only way to get the office spaces rented?
    it will be good to now have a structure there to control the dust bowl it has been.
    would have liked to see the bridge widened so that the SW corridor could become part of the development at least by line of sight.

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    My sentiments exactly

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    Excess parking drives up construction costs, negatively affects the urban design, and encourages residents to own and use cars. The average household near Roxbury Crossing owns just 0.4 vehicles, so this "transit-oriented" project would have the effect of actually increasing vehicle ownership. The same thing is happening at Bartlett Yard, Tropical Foods, and Jackson Square, three other nearby housing projects led by community-based developers and heavily reliant on public financing. It's got to stop!

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    Perhaps people who tend to

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    Perhaps people who tend to move into new development and have the money to do so might be the type of people for whom parking is a deal-breaker. Bob Bigbucks probably doesn't want to park is BMW on the street with everyone else. Just a thought.

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    Enough with all these luxury condos what this city nee ...oh, wait. Never mind.

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    Fast Track It

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    This is exactly the kind of development the BRA should fast track through the regulatory process. That is a major, long vacant parcel ideally locate next to public transportation that would provide more housing and add good commercial space to the area and it is located in one of the "outlying" neighborhood Walsh has made a priority for development.

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    Market rate

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    Or 60-100% AMI please, we don't need more taxpayer-sponsored housing projects.

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    Disappointing proposal

    Thinking about this more, why is there so little housing included? The 160-foot office tower and the 201-car parking garage seem to be the focus, with a smattering of housing added in as an afterthought.

    Disappointing for a lot that seems prime for, yes, transit-oriented development.

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    It's still mixed use

    And there is already quite a bit of nearby housing. What the neighborhood does not have is employment destinations, so commercial and office space makes sense as a primary focus.

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