Hamersley's Bistro closing

The Hamersleys are retiring, the Globe reports.



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    I very rarely eat meat, but that is instant happiness on a plate.

    Still, happy retirement to Gordon!

    let me guess

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    legal seafood is going to open a new concept in the space....

    Oh no

    Excuse me, I have to go figure out how much roast chicken I can eat between now and the end of October and still zip up my jeans.

    Switch to spandex

    Park outside the city and bike in ... or assign yourself activity to match.

    I spent over a week in France eating very wonderful rich stuff and drinking lots of wine, and left several pounds lighter thanks to 300 km of bike travel.

    If you want to eat and drink like a European, you have to move like one.

    Who cares where you where..

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    Who cares where you where...the article is about a closing of a restaurant. BTW...There is now HUBWAY in Boston so you can troll around the city...

    I do that too

    Good way to get from the financial district to the South End.

    You do know what cuisine said restaurant serves, correct?

    That's a tough one

    If you've never experienced that famous roast chicken, I advise you to get over there in the next few weeks. It's a rare iconic local dish that lives up to the considerable hype.

    Hamersley helped put the South End on the dining map in his original location across the street, and never stopped doing the same consistent, brilliant thing, year in and year out. New American, French-influenced, locally-sourced, with a serious wine program -- that was novel when Hamersley's debuted. A score of worthy, popular indies now follow that groundbreaking format.

    Among other things, he deserves recognition for being the anti-Todd English, a chef/owner who stuck to his knitting with a single restaurant where he cooked on the line almost every night, instead of chasing rock stardom through expansion and relentless self-marketing. English is rich, nationally famous, and reviled by food geeks for running a string of slick, hollow shit-shows. Gordon's fame is smaller and deeper: he kept his lone restaurant among the ranks of Boston's most beloved for 25 years, earned enormous respect from his peers, and nurtured talent that now graces dozens of other kitchens around Boston.

    My review for Stuff Magazine, which was smart enough to let me review it 22 years in.

    I hope he's headed for a comfy retirement. I can think of few Boston chefs who deserve it more.


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    I agree with everything you wrote except that sorry--if you haven't had the roast chicken, then just stay home. You blew your chance. Save the seats for those folks who've loved this place forever and want to inhale as much chicken (and grilled mushrooms on country bread) as they possibly can before October.