Handcrafted yogurt his eye

Somebody's a bit upset that the Davis Square Pinkberry advertises "handcrafted" yogurt:

To get a better sense of what’s so, so wrong about this, try googling "handcrafted" and see what comes up in the search results: jewelry, pottery and furniture - all things you craft by hand rather than, you know, dump into a cup or bowl and declare your work at an end.



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"Handcrafted" is a running

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"Handcrafted" is a running joke in my company's lunchroom: "I'm having a handcrafted bologna sandwich on white bread."

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Home-made, too

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I hate it when restaurants advertise "home-made" food. If it's made in a restaurant, it's not "home-made." If you made it in your house and are selling it in a restaurant, the Board of Health needs to speak with you.

I've seen "handmade" or "handcrafted" on pretty much everything that requires a manual input- even if it was "hand-stitched" in a sweatshop by an Indonesian 10 year old getting paid 1 dollar for a 14 hour day. It's absurd. Sweatshop labor =/= hand-craftsmanship.

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Making yogurt

I'm more than willing to believe that Pinkberry's yogurt is not "handcrafted." But, has this dude every made yogurt? Once you learn the basics there is actually a fair amount of customization you can get into.

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is this accurate?

The linked article says:

Pinkberry customers choose and dispense their own flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings, just like in virtually every other froyo place in the world.

but the one and only time I visited there, this was not true. They served it to me, rather than me serving myself as I do at iYO and Orange Leaf.

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You say tomato....

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A quick look up of the word "hand crafted" in an on-line dictionary says "to make something with manual skill".

I have only tried Pinkberry once and once is enough. The servers did use their hands to craft my yogurt, as they squeezed the lever to ooze the product into my cup (I did not go for the toppings as I would have had to take out a micro loan to pay for the thing) but that is about it.

This is nothing new, really. Companies love using words like "home made" and "hand crafted" to make their mediocre products seem more appealing. Some folks eat up that stuff like, well, Pinkberry yogurt.

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