Hancock building at sunrise

Alden Keefe Sampson watched the sun rise over the Charles this morning. He says:

I was jogging along this morning with my friend and all of a sudden looked out to see this brilliant scene. We just happened to be in the right spot in the right time. Surreal moment.



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    Well done!

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    Well done!


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    That has to be one of my new favorite photos of the city.
    Very well done!


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    Look, it's those fearsome shadows the NIMBYs are always going on about.

    Oh the folly of it! If only they didn't construct the Hancock, the photographer could have been staring directly at the Sun!


    Derp by outraged strawman

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    If big towers were common along the Boston skyline, not few and far between, then there wouldn't have been a dramatic shadow - just a higher edge to the city horizon.


    I dunno

    Does the sun really rise that far south at his time of year without the assistance of Photoshop? Looking at this cool sunrise calculator, then yes, I suppose that could work...


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    This is awe-striking. I don't know anything about photo/author copyrights but I hope he markets this - it's absolutely stunning. I'd put it on my wall.