Hard-core gamers recruited for Logan job that lives could depend on

Swissport International Ltd., which provides ground services at Logan Airport, has an ad on Craigslist for people looking for jobs de-icing airplanes in cold weather.

Headlined "Hardcore Gamer? We may have a job for you at Boson [sic] Logan Airport," the ad says de-icing airplanes requires the same skills as mastering a video game:

As a professional deicer, you will be deicing aircraft with state of the art equipment to insure safe flight for our customers and theirs. In this role you will sit in a pod perched high above airplanes, sit in front of a control panel, and, in simple terms, use a joy stick to spray the deicing fluid onto the airplanes.

Two possible problems for actual hard-core gamers: The job requires you to get up in a bucket in some of the coldest weather winter can throw at you and it requires you to be able to lift 70 pounds. But, it does pay $15 an hour.

H/t Slums of Harvard.



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    I'd hardly call this skilled

    I'd hardly call this skilled labor warranting more, if anything it's pretty decent for what entails just operating a machine efficiently.


    My brother de-ices for an

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    My brother de-ices for an airline that he works for and it's no joke with the wind at Logan. This is a bad attempt to draw a hardcore gamer out from the confines of their mothers nice and warm basement.



    Does making fun of other peoples' hobbies make you feel like a Cool Guy, or what?


    Glad to know

    the Swissport folks consider the lives of its client airline passengers part of a game.

    Weeks/months of intense

    Weeks/months of intense training in military discipline and the operation of an expensive piece of equipment with avonics theory and simulation.

    Source: my attorney who was an AF officer and one of the first in the drone program.

    If by murdering nerds you

    If by murdering nerds you mean changing nerds from nonproductive manchildren to productive members of the armed forces, then yes.


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    No, they are literally cowardly baby killers. Spin it any way you'd like, but they kill their enemy from thousands of miles away while sipping Starbucks. That's cowardly.

    Well that's just awful.

    Well that's just an awful ignorant thing to say. What's your opinion of sailors that are billeted to CIC or submariners?

    You need to talk to their boss

    The drone pilots are just following orders, you know, doing their jobs. I suggest you talk to their boss, the guy ordering these attacks. You can find him in a white house down in DC.

    Swirls , once upon a time ,

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    Swirls , once upon a time , the Japanese were banging on the west door , and the Germans banging on the east door. Somehow they didn't get in......

    All the traiing of an F-18 pilot

    Weeks/months of intense training in military discipline and the operation of an expensive piece of equipment with avonics theory and simulation.


    I don't know what the training is now, but like it was said above, drone pilots were trained exactly like pilots flying real planes. Exactly, including going thru the Dilbert Dunker.

    Ridiculous job ads

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    This is part of the problem that makes the finding a job process difficult. There are these constant ridiculous ads, "fun atmosphere", "gamer atmosphere", etc, none of which is ever true. Beware of such ads.


    "Gamer Atmosphere"

    In other words:

    Basement office.
    No sunlight, no fresh air, stanky carpet.
    Nothing but Doritos and Mountain Dew to eat and drink.
    Work is conducted in 18 to 24-hour sessions.