Hazmat crew responds to Dunkin' Donuts truck downtown

Hazmat truck and a Dunkin' Donuts truck in downtown Boston

UPDATE, 11:54 a.m.: Truck still there, street still blocked.

High Street by International Place is cordoned off by police this morning due to a situation involving a Dunkin' Donuts truck.

No, the coffee didn't drain into a sewer. Nor did firefighters discover what's in the turkey sausage or the donuts.

Ed Baur reports one of the tractor's diesel tanks began to leak. Around 5:10 a.m.




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Semi trucks downtown

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Why are semi trucks allowed downtown during rush hour, or at all? Why does the city not require smaller delivery trucks/vans that do not require parking illegally and blocking crosswalks/travel lanes/parking spaces/bike lanes etc. to park.

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Wasn't originally there during rush hour

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Sorry, I left out the time: The leak was discovered around 5:10 a.m., in what I suspect would have been an otherwise routine delivery well before rush hour.

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Why aren't there more loading

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Why aren't there more loading zones , and bigger ones , to reflect the method of conveyance.People consume , thus there is stuff to be delivered. Cant email everything , there is no app for that.

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Hope that

donut truck isn't blocking that major artery.

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You know...

My bathroom usually needs a hazmat crew after I eat anything from Dunkin' Donuts.

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thanks for sharing cuz Sharing is Caring!

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